Eternal Defilement

A Story of Betrayal, Abuse, and Destruction

This is a story of a tragic and terrifying childhood, as told by a little girl living in a dysfunctional family in the Midwest during the seventies and eighties. You will see it as she did, telling it day by day—as best she can. How could one possibly view the world with all the horror she endured? You will see it through Amara’s eyes as only she can tell it. You will share in the few triumphs and the many failures in her search for innocence. In her own words:

“July 23, 1971 was my first beating from my father, Jed.
He beat my mother, Rose….
 And sent her into preterm labor—taking me from the only safe place I will ever know….”

We understand from the opening words that this will be unforgettably tragic. As the tale unfolds, it becomes apparent that Amara was born into a world that offered little compassion or love, only pain and terrifying defilement at every turn. If ever there was a family that was destined to suffer the torments of hell, this was it.
      You’ll meet her mother who suffered nightly beatings in hope that it would somehow end. You’ll see the inhuman sacrifices she made in order to hold onto her daughters and sons. And you see her failures as the torment overcomes her and she moves the family away from the horror—only to return to it over and over again.
 Jed—born from a generations of abuse could see no beginning nor end to the horror he would bring to those around him. To those on the outside, he was a charmer—a hit with the ladies. To his family, he was a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, an evil man to be feared, that inflicted mental and physical abuse that knew no bounds.
      You will see the effects of the torment upon a little girl as she attempts to retain her sanity. How does one slip from the sane world into the shadowy world of delirium? You will see it slowly twisting and turning—cutting, like a knife—moving her wounds ever closer into the brink of madness. Will she survive or will she slip into a world of damnation?
Readers will get a glimpse behind the scenes with the creation of the book when Amara corresponds with Reynold Jay (co-writer) and Michelle, a reader. Actual emails between the trio give the reader a peek at Amara many years later. This is fascinating reading as we see the trials of completing this enduring manuscript.
       It is a miracle that the tale can be told at all when one sees the horrors inflicted upon Amara. It is a blood letting—a cleansing of the soul—to tell this remarkable tale so that the world may make of it what they will. There are precious moments of joy and she will share that in her story. 
Co-Author, Reynold Jay says, “Be warned. This is a shocking tale told close-up in all its horror.
There is only one Amara and this is her story.
Be prepared for terror beyond comprehension as you read this unforgettable true story of eternal defilement. It is Amara’s hope that the silence of others will come to an end and that the cry of the defiled may be heard as never before.”


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