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The Wurtherington Diary:

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The Little Doll Girl ( Book One)

Tammy and the Declaration of Independence

Tammy, Meets Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Tammy and the California Gold Rush

Tammy meets William Tell

Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express

Buffalo Bill and the Indians

Robin Hood and the Magna Carta



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 The Wurtherington Diary:

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Book one: Little Doll Girl


Adult (10-Adult 34,000 words)

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     Book Two:

The Tammy and the Declaration of Independence


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Book Three: ( Read a sample chapter at Amazon)

Tammy Meets Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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Book Four:

Tammy and the California Gold Rush (Read a sample chapter at Amazon)

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Book Five:

Tammy Meets William Tell

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Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express

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Book Seven: 

Buffalo Bill and the Indians

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Book Eight: Robin Hood and the Magna Carta

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One reader edition  9 to adult with 26,000 words.

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An Interview with Reynold Jay about the creation of the Wurtherington Dairy


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Books for the youngest reader


Each book tells a story  Proof editions ( rare) (five exist) Borders around the art are not included.


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Book 1 &2 $7.95 (2-n 1) *

Book 1, 2, & 3 $7.95 (3 in 1) * ( rare proof edition)

Regular editions

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Book 1 & 5  $7.95 View Cover * ( on stock)

Book 4 & 5 $7.95 Same Cover as 1 & 5

Book 6 &7 $7.95*

Book 6, 7, 8 $8.95*

~ABC Books~

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In book six, Tammy writes in her diary, "As you might imagine, an opossum, a mongoose, and a bird cannot read at all; although I had taught Zeke and Cedric to write their names. They had learned the first four letters of the alphabet from an ABC book Lord Wixby had given me. I was proud of them. After all, how many animals would ever want to read?"



Several books were discovered in the shed along with the Wurtherington diary. We imagine that Tammy used this book to teach Cedric and Zeke to read.

We have partially restored several books to their full Victorian beauty.

We hope that children may learn and enjoy from it. Each book is 2-in-1.


Patriot ABC ( includes a ABC Victorian  Cover gallery) 10 bonus covers by Father Tuck. * Every page in full color. (on stock)

Freedom Fighter ABC * (on stock)

Bonus Book added to the Wurtherington Diary series


Read this delightful tale of Rose Landsbury and her Little Lost Kitten.

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Rose Landsbury has lost her kitten. Where did she go? Rose invites us to follow her through the neighborhood while she looks for her kitten, Tabby. She reminds us that we must let mother know where we are going and promise not to go far. There may be dangerous places too! We must be very careful while we search for the stray kitten.

On our adventure with Rose, we will meet her many delightful friends. Rose reminds us that friends always share with one another. We will see that Rose's friends are the very finest children one could ever hope to meet. Everyone helps search for Tabby.  Is she really a "Bad kitten?"

Will we ever find Tabby?

Let's hope so.

Ages 4 and up.

This story is lavishly illustrated  by Hanne Lore Koehler. Plan to treasure this book for many years to come.

Visit Hanne Lore Koehler Art Studio

and here for Wurtherington Diary "Little Lost Kitten" Pages

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 Ned Buntline's Buffalo Bill, The King of the Border Men

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Tammy Wurtherington read this book to Cedric, Zeke, and Polly in book six and seven of the Wurtherington Diary series. History suggests that this may well have been the most influential dime novel in the 1800's. It was first published in the New York Weekly beginning December 23, 1869 as a serialized story. The story was reprinted many times such that Buffalo  Bill became one of the most recognizable names of the era. William F. Cody capitalized upon the fame and produced Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. It quickly became a sensation that played throughout the world.

The beginning part of the novel dealt with William F. Cody's life in the West and is reprinted here from a copy found in Tammy's shed.

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 12 Songs by Doctor Jay, & the Guardians of Time. Two children's Songs used in the Library and School  presentations and 10 songs that adults might enjoy. $5.00+ $1 media rate shipping fee. ( or free shipping with book order) See the video above for "Cute Little Stone."

The Karaoke version contains all the music of the first CD and 9 Karaoke tracks, fun for singing along and makes nice background music too. Aretha Franklin backup signers are heard through all the songs. Lyrics are included. $7.00+ $1.00 media rate shipping fee. ( or free shipping with book order)

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Lean against the Wind

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~ Christian Novel ~

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Book One of the series "Seeds from Heaven" is available Worldwide.

The series premise:

  God sees that much of his creation has withered and died. His last hope is that Earth can be saved and is perhaps all that can be salvaged. He sets upon a desperate plan in which he sends seeds to Earth that are mankind's hope for survival. He sends an archangel to assist the four seeds, the three generations of the Lancaster family.

  The Lancaster's are unaware of their celestial powers or that they are sent with a godly mission. They go about their lives believing they are ordinary American citizens in a modern day world. Each Lancaster experiences life quite differently and it is only with age that each begins to understand their unique relation with a higher power. The stories of self-discovery show the struggles that each encounters as they make their way in a world that is challenging them at every turn.     

Lean against the Wind

  Raymond Lancaster, the second seed, is called to work as a Special ed. teacher in Springfield, Michigan in 1994. He begins his work in a forgotten dilapidated schoolhouse in Springfield where he finds success with the students and staff. Mr. Harrelson, an aging principal, is an inspiration to Lancaster, and his associates, Mills, and Rossiter. Mr. Harrelson is the victim of a scam that robs the estates of senior citizens and passes away penniless.

  A new special ed. Center is built in his honor and Lancaster and the staff are consolidated into it. Lancaster quickly realizes that the new administration is ruthless and has little concern for the students. He battles Principal Porterfield and Assistant Principal, Jacqueline Daugherty at every turn. When Lancaster discovers that one of his students, Jon Causey possesses world class singing talent, he brings him to the attention of a talent agency that signs him up for a ten year contract. Porterfield and Daugherty fight his every move to assist Jon and other students and a battle between the administration and the staff reaches immense proportions. A Nobel Prize winning news reporter, Tina Shakleford gets involved and takes sides with the staff. A scandal involving Detroit racketeers is uncovered and Lancaster is determined to uncover the truth at whatever cost it may bring.

  You will  meet wonderful characters that will warm your heart, Big Jim, Tiny Tim, Ben,  Arch' and a host of others before it is all said and done. Most of all, you will be on the inside track and discover what it was like to be a special ed. teacher during the turbulent 90’s.

Lynn Kolhagen

   When RJ told me that he was working on this novel, I offered to read and critique it. It lived up to my expectations and I discovered a world of very special characters that jumped off the page and into my heart. I laughed often and called from time to time to inquire if some of the events actually happened. And then I cried when Jon lost his voice. I was outraged for the Harrelson gals who suffered at the hands of swindlers. One would not believe all the hardship endured by the teaching staff at the hands of the villainous administration who turn out to be heartless criminals. I cheered the ending when all the villains were rounded up and Tiny finally got his lawn mower. I have never read anything like this, and can only say I recommend it to virtually everyone. I am now a devoted fan.

Available now : Kindle/Amazon

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Forty Days to Armageddon: 2 Part Series     

    A half billion would die before it was over.

    Some said that Admiral Mustafa Mahdi was the most ruthless man in history, others said a savior. He was a man who understood raw power and all its trappings. His crew of B-Wasy Somali Marines is reputed to be the most powerful, most sophisticated, ruthless pirates the world could ever imagine. Armed with stealth technology they are the new generation—a generation of pirates with an ancestry of thieving that stretched beyond anyone’s memory.

  The day the Iranians set off 40 megaton nuke marked the beginning of a new world order. The Russians covertly assist the Admiral who sets a plan in motion disrupting the world’s oil supply that will ultimately alter the course of history.

  The Western World is panic stricken with the thought that Iran threatens first Israel, then the entire world with nuclear destruction. The Iranian president continues his ranting at the UN that Allah has willed the destruction of the evil Zionists.

  Old hostilities are tossed aside and new alliances are formed in smoke filled backrooms of the UN, the Kremlin and the White House. Third world nations, particularly Somalia, suddenly become strategically important and the super powers struggle to sort it all out and battle for position. The stakes could not be higher. 

  Houston Robinson, better known as Watchdogg, an unofficial Cabinet advisor to the president, sets out to discover the truth to all the crises that suddenly appear out of nowhere. Tourists are mysteriously kidnapped off the streets of Europe and surface in the largest supertanker hijacking in history. The USS George H.W. Bush is a target of an Iranian airbus attack in the Indian Ocean. Pandemonium in the oil futures markets sends oil prices to dizzying heights in a Venezuela Chinese oil coup. The entire planet it seems is being turned upside down when the Admiral seizes the world’s oil supply. Economies crumble at a dizzying pace while others flourish depending upon their role in the new order.   

   Watchdogg finds himself in backroom politics with the Amir Harazi the Prime Minister of Israel who has plans of his own to bring a stop to the Iranian missiles that threaten to destroy his country in another Holocaust. 

   You will be taken into the cockpits of Super Hornets and Lightning II’s with the men and women who carry out the orders of world leaders. You’ll witness the agonizing decisions of generals and commanders who place their careers on the line carrying out the orders of presidents and prime ministers. Inevitably Watchdogg runs head to head with the Admiral. Millions of lives hang in the balance as the world threatens to self destruct from greed and power.  

  This story is taken from tomorrow’s headlines. It’s a frightening tale that will scare you with its chilling back room deals and double-crosses. Who is friend? Who is foe?

  It’s a good thing Watchdogg is here to figure it all out and see that the Admiral’s plan to hijack the world’s oil is waylaid. Should he do it? Can he do it? Let’s hope so.     

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: August 2017 #83 in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)


 FIVE STARS. Carol: a confirmed Kindle Reader
  "I think the author should be nominated for best book of the year! His tenacity to research in-depth, difficult details with such clarity and timing keeps the reader wondering what's coming next. He makes the story authentic in its disguise.
  A brilliant book, one that deserves great acknowledgments. I loved it!"

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