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Forty Days to Armageddon : 2 part Series

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I do believe you have a top seller with this book. 

I would compare this with any of Tom Clancy novels.  Also it is as thrilling as something that David Baldacci, Robert Ludlum, Joel Rosenberg, Clive Cussler and Raymond Khoury would write.  If you were to read the three books by Tim LeHaye’s Babylon Rising series, you would see how much similarity there is between his series and your book. I think this could be a best seller if you can get the publicity for it. It is a real page turner, very easy to follow; even though there are quite a few names I can’t imagine how to pronounce.   I liked the ending; it is much stronger than a John Grisham book. I am more than happy to help you, but I think you got this one spot on.


Jim Rhyne


Jim provides a short summery: 

Watchdogg is an action packed look into the possibility of another country becoming the dominant superpower, leaving the US in a fight for its existence.  This work is a real page turner, with a Tom Clancy style using multiple plots all leading to the climax, Reynold Jay is on target with what is happening around the world and the impact it could have on the USA. A great thought provoking work as to how well the USA is protected. 

Terry Ellison reads political novels. 

With this novel RJ takes the best of political thriller writers and then outdoes them all. This wall-to-wall action packed thriller is how it should be done. I predict that Watchdogg will bring many new readers into the world of political thrillers. Well done and cheers for Reynold Jay.  

…Herta Kedzierski is a casual reader.  

     I was spellbound from beginning to end with Watchdogg. The story is frightening and one can only hope that the predictions do not become reality although it appears that everything within the story could very well happen. This is Reynold Jay’s best work to date and with this effort he has outdone the popular writer’s of our time with an outstanding thriller. I have many friends who I want to read this important novel. Masterfully written.

Jann Weishunn reads 100 novels a year.


This is the first novel I have read by Reynold Jay and I liked it as much as anything I have ever read. It held my attention from the first page and I could not put it down. It is a terrifying tale pulled from tomorrow’s headlines. One can hope that the final chapters do not describe the fate of the world, however it could well happen—and that is terrifying. This tale is a warning that governments must act responsibly if we are not to come to the brink of destruction. RJ tells me he has written other books and I plan to read each and every one as I am now a fan.


Jed Fisher Author and Retired U.S Army Staff Sergeant.


A truly exciting political thriller, Watchdog Somalia Retribution is fast-paced, with several brilliant flash episodes of action throughout. Realistic to the point of being prophetic, the novel is truly a story for our time. Readers will be entertained as well as enlightened by Watchdog: Somalia Retribution.


--Jed Fisher

BA, English, Author

Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant


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