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Latest News: January/May 2021

~ Bookings for 2021 are now filled ~

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We  have a 45 minute Born to be Rich video posted at YouTube.


~Doctor Jay and Twinkles ~

~ Library Setting ~

Doctor Jay and the Guardians of Time will present a touring library and school show in the Summer.
The talented Hal Halli gave Tammy The Little Doll Girl a helping hand in creating Follow Your Dreams. The portrait created by Duy Truong and the inspiring message created my Fine Art America artist Hal Halli.
Signed books can be ordered direct from the internet site Look for Reynold Jay, the author and publisher of over one-hundred books in libraries and schools in the upcoming year with his writer/publisher tour of the Midwest. The presentation, "Doctor Jay, and Guardians of Time" includes original music (and videos in large venue presentations). Reynold Jay says, "We are excited that Tammy will appear in the show as a time-traveling Guardian of Time. We must go on an adventure together in order to see that George Washington does not lie about chopping down the cherry tree! After all where would we be today if he told the lie, then we lost the revolutionary war? There should be something here for all ages. Music, dancing, and audience participation should make this a popular presentation."

~ Notes for Librarians and Schools ~

The audience is given a lyrics handout so they may sing-a-long "Cute Little Stone" while Twinkles the elf leads the children in a dance. View the video on the previous page.

The presentation is self-contained with a modern sound system.

If librarians think the audience may wish to make purchases, ( or simply view the autographed books) they may provide the tables where books may be displayed. A flyer announcing the event  for display on a wall or as a counter handout will be included along with the booking contract. 

A free picture taking session for everyone will be available at the conclusion of the 45 minute presentation. See below for sample photo.

Doctor Jay has entertained audiences for five decades. ( Yep--he is is as old as the dinosaurs) ( and will never give up!) He was a special education teacher ( now retired)  for over three decades with the Saginaw Public Schools ( Arthur Hill included) and the Intermediate School Board (ISD). 

~ Presentations are now concluded ~

~ Thank you for the wonderful response ~


~ Author presentations are filled ~

Born to Be Rich and How to Think Small Business for Big Profits: The author tells colorful highlights from his business activities over five decades. How did these books lead to the formation of the Saginaw Valley Business institute? How did he go from humble teacher to millionaire? And how  anyone may earn the $$$ they deserve? Book this popular show and anticipate a great response. 

~ Writer's Workshop Presentations ~

Lean against the Wind: How important are characters and sub-plotting to a novel?

The Gold of Mansa Musa: How to get started writing your first novel. Settings, characters, and pacing all play an important part.

Forty Days to Armageddon: How to add romance to a political thriller ( or any genre story) and take it to a new level.

Seeds From Heaven: How does a writer mix romance, thrills, and drama into a Christian theme novel?

Eternal Defilement: Highlights are read from this tragic non-fiction book. How does one go from writer, to editor, to publisher?

Writer oriented presentations will include reading passages from the book and a question and answering session. Writer oriented titles may include extra insights on how to earn money as a writer--script writing, internet, newspaper, television, etc. How to avoid writing scams. What is the future for writers? Did you know Reynold Jay attributes much of his creative writing ability to June Roethke, the sister of Theodore Roethke? ( Pulitzer prize winning poet who resided in Saginaw)


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~ Acceptance Speech ~

Discover the Fun!

See HD Videos of Library Skits at YOUTUBE

Rylie and Addy Stowe give us big smiles ( bottom of page)

while Tammy is off to save the world from certain destruction!



Press release:

JW Pepper Music and Reynold Jay announced that Pepper Music will be Distributing Toy Soldiers Marches for String orchestra arranged by Marsha Chusmir Shapiro. Art work for the publication is taken from The Little Doll Girl: The Wurtherington Diary, published/transcribed by Reynold Jay, a Saginaw Township Resident. "There is a climatic scene in the Diary in which wooden soldiers hewn from large Sequoia Redwoods descend upon the royal army intent upon confiscating the yearly crop. Elves hidden within maneuver the towering structures down an incline and win the day for the inhabitants of an enchanted land."

The art is taken from book one of the eight part series written by Tammy Wurtherington in 1883. The series was discovered in an old shed in Ohio and forwarded to Reynold Jay for restoration and publication. "Most everyone agrees this is a simply wondrous Diary! We had volunteers from around the globe heard of the project and everyone pitched in to bring the Diary to the marketplace. Right now we are having it translated into other languages. Readers compare it to Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, and Wizard of Oz." 

Marsha Shapiro discovered the art in Reynold Jay's internet gallery at Fine Art America. "The art is perfect for the project," explained Marsha Shapiro. "We know we can have the project done in time for the Christmas season and anticipate youth orchestras to be playing Toy Soldiers Marches for audiences during the upcoming holidays."

RJ is a retired special education school teacher and business person. Impaired characters often appear in his novels, most notably, "Lean against the Wind," which is a semi-biographical account of his experiences as a teacher.
For anyone interested in "The Little Doll Girl: The Wurtherington Diary" the series can be found in any fine book store worldwide. Signed books can be ordered direct from the internet site Sign up for newsletter. Look for Reynold Jay, the author and publisher of over one-hundred books in libraries and schools in the upcoming year with his writer/publisher tour of the Midwest. The presentation, "Doctor Jay, and Guardian's of Time" includes original music and videos from his Passing Stranger album.  Reynold Jay says, "There should be something here for all ages. Music, dancing, and audience participation should make this a popular presentation."

Bio on  M. Shapiro:

Marsha Chusmir Shapiro earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in music education from
Florida State University and became certified in social studies education. Mrs. Shapiro was the
winner of the 1985 National School Orchestra Association Composition Competition and was
named 1994 Florida “Global Educator” by SIRS and the Florida Council for the Social Studies.
She is the author of numerous published orchestral and elementary school musical compositions.
Marsha Chusmir Shapiro has been teaching in Volusia County, Florida since 1972


James Welsh Pepper was born in Philadelphia in 1853, and died in the same city on July 28, 1919. He was an American music publisher and musical instrument maker.[1]

In 1876, Pepper founded a publishing house in his home city which printed music tutorial books and a magazine called Musical Times, which ceased production in 1912. Additionally, Pepper produced musical instruments such as drums until 1910, the year in which J.W. Pepper & Son was founded. Pepper is often credited with inventing the sousaphone around 1893, although there have been some disputes to this claim.

Company details

J.W. Pepper has 12 regional marketing centers, along with two distribution centers dedicated to order fulfillment and shipping.[2] In spring of 2009, Pepper added two new warehouses to the company’s distribution network. From 1984-2013, the national headquarters was located in Paoli, Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles west of Philadelphia. In October 2013, the company's headquarters moved further west to Exton, Pennsylvania.



Press Release: Forty Days to Armageddon

Reynold Jay has released a political thriller novel "Forty Days to Armageddon." at Amazon .com. in a Kindle format.  He is the author of "Born To Be Rich" and "How to Think Small for Big profits." written in 1985.

"This is my first published novel and I'm really excited about it and I'm hoping a few people will read it and meet with me in my home town as well as on the internet. Writing is a solitary experience and I'm looking forward to seeing first hand reaction from others." He says that other novels are in the works and it is possible that they will be released this year. Interested readers may go to  to view  a profile page where readers can find articles and offer comments. Links to the Amazon book are there so that they can make a purchase.   

 He says that the "Watchdogg” novel is time sensitive. Much of the story focuses on current events  and the impact of the story would be lost since much of it has already transpired. The opening pages of the book have Iran running its first atomic weapons test and then the book focuses upon the events of the following six weeks. He explains, "Once Iran runs its test, the impact of this book will be much different. I wrote it about a year ago and many of the fictional events I describe have, in fact, already happened."


Bio: RJ is retired special ed. school teacher and ready to become creative. Several business books were written in the eighties, How to Think Small Business for Big Profits and Born to Be Rich non-fiction titles; owned a string of retail shops. He was editor of school newspaper, released a record album in 1987. Currently proprietor of  New American Publishing, retail sales.

Credentials: Winner of HubNugget Award: Best New Writer. Winner of Arts & Enrichment Commission Award. Winner: San Francisco Times Best novel Award. Midwest Best Writer, Best Book Award.

Who are the readers? : Anyone who reads international thrillers would enjoy this. This project encompasses sites in Egypt, America, and Africa with characters of all colors and faiths. Readers of Joel C. Rosenburg’s Dead Heat  and David Baldacci’s The Whole Truth would enjoy this. Stories are always big concepts in which presidents, kings, and world leaders are eventually brought into the action. 

The Future: Launch a five  part series this spring, "Seeds From Heaven", a five part series  based upon the Lancaster family that inspires new directions for mankind.


Forty Days to Armgeddon



 A half-billion would die before it was over.

      Some said that Admiral Mustafa Mahdi was the most ruthless man in history, others said a savior. He was a man who understood raw power and all its trappings.     

       His crew of B-Wasy Somali Marines is reputed to be the most powerful, most sophisticated, ruthless pirates the world could ever imagine. Armed with stealth technology they are the new generation—a generation of pirates with an ancestry of thieving that stretched beyond anyone’s memory.

      The day the Iranians set off a forty megaton nuke marked the beginning of a new world order. The Russians covertly assist the Admiral who sets a plan in motion disrupting the world’s oil supply that will ultimately alter the course of history.

      The Western World is panic stricken with the thought that Iran threatens first Israel, then the entire world with nuclear destruction. The Iranian president continues his ranting at the UN that Allah has willed the destruction of the evil Zionists.

       Old hostilities are tossed aside and new alliances are formed in smoke filled backrooms of the UN, the Kremlin and the White House. Third world nations, particularly Somalia, suddenly become strategically important and the super powers struggle to sort it all out and battle for position. The stakes could not be higher. 

        Houston Robinson, better known as Watchdogg, an unofficial Cabinet advisor to the president, sets out to discover the truth to all the crises that suddenly appear out of nowhere. Tourists are mysteriously kidnapped off the streets of Europe and surface in the largest supertanker hijacking in history. The USS George H.W. Bush is a target of an Iranian airbus attack in the Indian Ocean. Pandemonium in the oil futures markets sends oil prices to dizzying heights in a Venezuela Chinese oil coup. The entire planet it seems is being turned upside down when the Admiral seizes the world’s oil supply. Economies crumble at a dizzying pace while others flourish depending upon their role in the new order.   

      Watchdogg finds himself in backroom politics with the Amir Harazi the Prime Minister of Israel who has plans of his own to bring a stop to the Iranian missiles that threaten to destroy his country in another Holocaust. 

       You will be taken into the cockpits of Super Hornets and Lightning II’s with the men and women who carry out the orders of world leaders. You’ll witness the agonizing decisions of generals and commanders who place their careers on the line carrying out the orders of presidents and prime ministers. Inevitably Watchdogg runs head to head with the Admiral. Millions of lives hang in the balance as the world threatens to self destruct from greed and power.  

      This story is taken from tomorrow’s headlines. It’s a frightening tale that will scare you with its chilling back room deals and double-crosses. Who is friend? Who is foe?

      It’s a good thing Watchdogg is here to figure it all out and see that the Admiral’s plan to hijack the world’s oil is waylaid. Should he do it? Can he do it? Let’s hope so. 


 Reader’s comments:

Jim Rhyne 

This note is from a reader of political thrillers. Jim reads 100 books a year He is one of the most respected reviewers at


   I have finished the novel. I would compare this with any of Tom Clancy novels.  Also it is as thrilling as something that David Baldacci, Robert Ludlum, Joel Rosenberg, Clive Cussler and Raymond Khoury would write.  If you were to read the three books by Tim LeHaye’s Babylon Rising series, you would see how much similarity there is between his series and your book. I think this could be a best seller if you can get the publicity for it. It is a real page turner, very easy to follow; even though there are quite a few names I can’t imagine how to pronounce. I liked the ending; it is much stronger than a John Grisham book. I am more than happy to help you, but I think you got this one spot on.


Jim Rhyne 

Jim provides a short summery:

    "Forty Days to Armageddon" is an action packed look into the possibility of another country becoming the dominant superpower, leaving the US in a fight for its existence.  This work is a real page turner, with a Tom Clancy style using multiple plots all leading to the climax, Reynold Jay is on target with what is happening around the world and the impact it could have on the USA. A great thought provoking work as to how well the USA is protected.

For more, see Rj discuss Forty Days to Armageddon Video at YOUTUBE