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If you want to derive income from your web site, you must maintain a rigid focus on
client-centered VALUE and you MUST maximize traffic.

This message clearly has not gotten home to 99% of the people on the Internet who
are acting more like "message posters" than marketers. However, since it's
marketers, and not posters, who make money on the 'net, this means understanding
and properly using three essential traffic-development tools: search engines, free and
paid links.

The Benefits & Limitations of Search Engines

Start by understanding the purpose -- and limitations -- of search engines. A search
engine is simply an automated index; it's a place to register key words and concepts
about your web site. Searchers looking for this information can find it by going to the
search engine and entering these key words and phrases.

Search engines are fine so far as they go, but as a marketer you must consider just
how much real benefit they give you.

First, there are more and more search engines all the time. Do you have the time to 1)
register with them all yourself and 2) keep your entries up to date? Probably not.

A year ago it was commonplace for web site owners to handle all search engine data
entry themselves. Now that just doesn't make sense, because people don't have the
time, don't know all the search engines, and don't do the data entry very well, either.
Thus, get a service that does this work for you.

One superb service I know is offered by Internet Enterprises. They will register your
web site with 250 of the most popular search engines. Get all the information by visiting Fill out their online order form for instant

However, even if you're in every single search engine in just the right way, search
engines are still inherently limited. After all, just because a book is listed in a card
catalog doesn't mean anyone will either know it's there, much less read it. Ditto
search engines. Exclusively relying on search engines to build web site traffic is crazy,
because their function is essentially passive -- posting -- not active marketing.
Marketers, remember, always maintain the initiative; when you're merely listing in a
search engine you've transferred the initiative to the searcher, which is the antithesis
of real marketing.

Free Links (And Free Classified Ads & Newsgroup Posts)

Lots of web site owners try to enhance traffic with free links, but this has its
limitations, too. Face it. People give free links to get you to their site, to look at their
ads, advertisers and content. Giving you a free link (or free classified ad) is NOT their
first priority.

What's more, the way free links and free classified ads are "stacked" dramatically
limits their usefulness. The latest ad is always on top. In a popular site, this good
position may last for a few hours, or even minutes; in a slow site, you may be at the
top of the stack longer, but so what? Nobody's visiting anyway! Thus, whether you're
making a free link, free classified or free newsgroup posting, the impact on YOUR
traffic is decidedly minimal.

As a result, while doing these things is helpful, their overall value must be placed in
context. You're not going to get rich on the Internet merely by taking advantage of
free links, free classifieds, and newsgroup postings -- no matter what anyone says!

Paid Links: They're In Your Future If You Want Maximum Traffic

If search engines and freebie sources aren't going to line your pocket, what will?

Well, remember what the successful bank robber said about why he robbed banks:
"Because that's where the money is!" By the same token, if you want to get traffic,
you're going to have to go where the traffic is.

The outlines of Internet Future are already clear now. A relative handful of sites will
get gigantic amounts of traffic. The others -- very likely including yours -- will limp by
with a few hundred, or even a few dozen, visitors a year. Unless -- and this is the crux
of the matter -- you're linked with the places that have the traffic.

Such places do what it takes to bring in millions of people annually -- including
aggressive on and off web advertising. Reason? So that their advertisers -- who don't
have the means, time, or expertise to do such promotion themselves -- will still benefit
from the web and from massive traffic.

At the Worldprofit Malls, for instance, we get over 4 MILLION visitors a year now, or
over 100,000 times the traffic of the average web site! This didn't happen by
It happened because we are very aggressive about traffic development, running
literally hundreds of ads, millions of post cards, providing traffic-building guidelines to
all our advertisers, etc. In short, huge traffic followed significant investment and a
deliberate traffic growth plan. Could you develop your individual web site traffic to this
extent? With all due respect, probably not. The cost alone, to say nothing of the
technical knowledge and time, would be prohibitive.

But can you benefit from this massive and constantly increasing traffic?
ABSOLUTELY YES! By linking the Worldprofit Malls to your web site.

Is this expensive? That's the best part. ABSOLUTELY NOT! The basic charge is just
about 55 cents a day, under $200 a year. Where else can you get this level of
CERTAIN TRAFFIC coming to where you've either got a web site... or one or more
links to your web site?

That's just the point. NOWHERE! At Worldprofit, our traffic goes up daily; our prices
stay the same! This makes the 10 Worldprofit Malls a better value every single day,
and the decision to link them to your web site even more sensible.

Last Words

Forty years ago there were over a dozen daily newspapers in Boston (paralleling the
situation in most major cities). Today there's only one, with a second barely alive. All
the others tried to make a go of it, but failed. One, by offering more value, being run
more cleverly, never taking anything for granted and constantly going the extra mile
for its advertisers, ended up dominating the market. The same thing is already clearly
happening on the Internet.

In the next few years, people will establish literally billions of web sites. They'll cram
search engines with hundreds of billions of key words and phrases... they'll use all the
freebies -- links, ads, postings -- they can get. But they STILL won't get significant
traffic and certainly will not make money.

If this is acceptable to you, fine. You won't profit from the dramatic business
development that is the web. Your web site will be an underutilized, over priced toy,
and the people who could get benefits from your products and services, simply won't
-- because they'll never know about them. What a colossal waste!

If, on the other hand, you mean to profit you're going to have to link those fewer and
fewer, but ever more highly visited, web sites to yours, so that you can benefit from
their massive traffic... and use what they do, in tandem with your strictly
client-centered site content, to make real money. Without doubt, the bigger the
mega-sites get, the more massive their traffic, the more certainly you'll have to be
linked to them. As far as you're concerned, the sooner the better.

I hope this information helps you in your business endeaver.You may copy and print this article. For more information read Reynold Jay's book    How To Think Small Business For Big Profits  and Born To Be Rich for business motivation. (CLICK for more information.)

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