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An exciting new motivational book, Born To Be Rich could very well be the most important book you'll read in this decade. This wealth of motivational information could become the guiding light for yourself in the coming years ahead. If you learn the secrets of Born To Be Rich now, you will enjoy a wealth of valuable information long before the general public comes to realize the importance of this unique book. Click here for more

I'm Reynold Jay and I'd like to explain how this project began for me. I had recently completed a book and still felt a compulsion to write. I also had completed reading volumes of scientific journals, business books and motivational books. I began my project with only a vague notion that I had something bottled up inside me that I had to let out. I really didn't know what it was. I needed an escape valve and writing it all down seemed the best answer.

I began with what I thought was a meandering mix of ideas, but the ideas flowed freely from one to the next and in a few hours I had typed over eight-thousand words. I finished the work at six A.M., tossed the thirty or so pages in a drawer and fell asleep exhausted from my writing frenzy. Weeks later I came across the manuscript as I was cleaning out a desk. My first impulse was to toss the manuscript in the wastebasket, but instead I decided to give it a quick reading merely because I was curious what I might have written in such a fever in the middle of the night. As I read the manuscript, my hands trembled and my heart quickened as I was amazed at the incredible text I held in my hands.

The ideas flowed beautifully from one idea to another. When I read the last word, I realized that I had created a masterpiece of philosophical thought. Like a key stone to an archway, every idea had its correct place and more importantly the total was much greater than the sum of its parts.

I had read nearly every motivational book in print, but I felt this easily surpassed anything that had ever been written. Every motivational book I had ever read had always struck me as missing something essential - like a solid foundation that was just not there. The pages I held in my hand represented the missing key in everything I had ever read.

I immediately realized that I had actually possessed most of the information that had created wealth for myself over the years. My friends and associates often joked and said I possessed the Midas touch. It was a correct observation; everything I touched became profitable. I never failed at anything. Even I was incredulous at my accomplishments.

Now I knew why. I held the revelation in my hands and was overcome with a desire to share it with the world. Everyone could be rich! No person on this Earth need be poor if he possessed this simple information. A person would not need to be particularly smart, gifted, clever, or calculating either.

I quickly realized that much of the text needed more explanation, gaps were to be filled and examples were needed to make a particular point. Since I was a businessman, educator and writer I possessed the skills to begin the most important project of my life. I felt that my project might be remembered like Leonardo is remembered for his Mona Lisa and Columbus for his America.

Like a beautiful jewel, Born To Be Rich can be appreciated many times. Those who have read the book have told me that they often find themselves opening the book to a random page and rediscovering a treasured passage. Some have told me that they read a page or two every day for inspiration and guidance throughout their day.

Unlike other motivational books which offer bits and pieces Born To Be Rich offers a firm foundation for your acquiring of wealth. The title of the book Born To Be Rich, is right on target. You will examine as never before the reasons for which you were born. A major section of the book answers the question, "Why were you born?" Part of the answer lies in an exciting new science, socio-biology, the study of man when examining his biological peculiarities. Born To Be Rich extends this revolutionary science into new ground.

Another important section of the book tells you exactly how to create wealth for yourself. Choose your own lifestyle; you might be an employee, own a business, or whatever and you will end up wealthy in all instances. Follow the basic guidelines to end up with great riches every time.

Discover within these pages the importance of your subconscious mind. Discover how compulsion, dissatisfaction, greed purpose and faith can be used to create great wealth for yourself. Then learn the ten misconceptions that might be inhibiting your production of wealth.

You may be asking yourself if you really need this book. If you are absolutely sure you will be wealthy when you retire you don't need it. On the other hand if you have some doubts, Born To Be Rich could change the course of your life. I'm offering a no questions asked, money back guarantee if you feel that you will not create great wealth for yourself after reading this book.

This book represents the dawn of a new era from which all other motivational books will be judged. Everything you have ever read up to this point, although helpful, is now somewhat obsolete. Anything which follows will be judged against this book. In the same manner that the computer chip has revolutionized our information system; this book will revolutionize the way we acquire wealth.

If you should select to go into business in order to begin producing wealth for yourself, you'll need the companion book How To Think Small Business For Big Profits $9.95 Some of the highlights:
Copyright © 1999 Reynold Jay

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 Here are a few excerpts from the book including the entire first chapter.

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Another short sample... FOR WEALTH
.......... If you wanted milk, would you set up a stool in the middle of the field and wait for the cow to to back up to you?...Give up any belief that you have in lucky charms and horoscopes. There is no magical force that is going to  be sending lucky breaks your way. While you sit around waiting for good things to happen, opportunities are likely to pass you by.

           In our story of the treasure barges floating down the Mississippi River, a person who believes in lucky charms would be content to sit on the bank of the river waiting for things to float up to him. Whenever a great treasure floated beyond his grasp, he would complain that it was his bad luck that it didn't float up to the shore for him to claim.

Here is one of many fascinating true stories you will find in Born To Be Rich.
The largest diamond known to mankind was discovered in an African diamond mine and brought to the most authoritative diamond cutter in the world. It was decided to split the rock in half so the diamond could be shaped and polished into two magnificent pieces. Excitement from  this event   caused world-wide attention. Expert diamond cutters from around the globe gathered and consulted on exactly how the initial cutting should begin.

       All diamonds have a grain. This is important to diamond cutters since cutting against the grain will shatter a rock, while cutting with the grain will divide it as anticipated.

       The direction of the grain  within the great rock was not apparent and the experts divided into two camps. Some felt the initial tap which would split the rock should be from a certain point, while others had selected another point. The owner of the rock indicated to the greatest expert that the decision was up to him and that he placed his trust in the expert's hands.

         The day before the cutting was to take place, the expert  gazed at the rock for the last time and noticed a fault line within the stone that was previously unnoticed. This new discovery also changed the dispute about the direction of the grain. Ultimately, the expert  chose a third  possible point for the initial tap.

       He tossed and turned all night  and when the moment arrived for his work, his hands trembled with fear. He had awakened that morning with the decision to cut the stone according to his discovery the night before.

       The decision was firm. He walked up to the stone with the hammer and chisel in his shaking hands, made a decisive firm blow to the stone,  passed out, and fell to the floor.

       When he recovered, he looked at the stone which was divided into two perfect pieces. The world's first and second largest diamonds were eventually fashioned from these two pieces.

       The cutter's decision was a conscious decision that very likely did not correspond with his subconscious mind.  These two opposing factions within the brain ultimately caused the cutter to pass out. While his conscious mind was saying, " You are correct." a little voice inside was saying," You're going to blow this one."


"The Mystical Force that binds all living matter is the instinct for survival.  Since we are all destined to die, the  Force tells us that we can survive through reproduction. Hence, self-preservation and our sexual drive are the strongest of human forces. No other forces within drive us so intently..."

"Everyone should acquire the wealth that belongs to them. That's what Born To Be Rich is all about."

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