We all like getting free stuff. It's the American way. But how would you like it if I told
you that every single day of your life you could get UNLIMITED FREE ADS? You'd
think I was pulling your leg, right? Wrong! It's true. It's available now. You can do start
within minutes of completing this report... and you can benefit every single day

What is this miracle? Posting to Internet Newsgroups and you can benefit from it, too.

Here's how it works.

Finding The Newsgroups

The first thing you've got to do is find the newsgroups. You do this by logging onto the
Internet with either the Netscape or Microsoft browser (current version 3.0 is best).
First you select "windows" from your Main Menu. Then "newsgroups." These
commands automatically bring up the available newsgroups that your service provider
has connected to their news server. How many can you expect? Ten? A thousand?
Five thousand? Try at least 15,000 groups!

Once you've selected the commands above, the newsgroup window will come up and
usually load all the available newsgroups. This takes about 20 minutes depending on
the speed of your connection.

Note: If you are not yet configured for the newsgroup window in your browser, you
need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for instructions on configuring
your browser software.

Once your newsgroups are loaded, here's the situation. You're not just looking at
15,000 newsgroups... you're looking at the equivalent of 15,000 publications where
you can post UNLIMITED ads from now on out. It really does boggle the mind. Let
the games begin!

Getting Started: Selecting The Places You Want Your Ads To Run

Maybe the reason more people don't post their free ads to newsgroups is because of
what you've got to do now. You've got to read through all 15,000 newsgroups and
choose just the groups you want to go to and post in. This is both time-consuming
and laborious. It's also crucial.

Before you start, however, you've got to remember that you're not going there to
browse the news... you're going there to get prospects and new business. This means
thinking how you can position your offer for each newsgroup. Say, for instance, that
you sell books like I do. As you browse the newsgroups you need to consider

. every title you produce
. its relevance for the group you're looking at
. whether you've got benefits for that group
. your ability to write a short ad directed just at the interests of that group.

In other words, you've got to be client-centered.

This all takes time and trouble. In a way you should be glad. Humans being what we
are, sloth and procrastination creep in at this point. All too many entrepreneurs would
rather become couch potatoes, curling up in front of the latest "Seinfeld" instead of
going through the frankly dull task of reviewing 15,000 newsgroups and thinking
about just which ones are appropriate for what you're selling. Boring though it is,
perhaps we eager beavers should be grateful, since this task itself deters many from
doing the work which is so lucrative for those properly doing it and using the results.

Note: there is a search program built into the browser that should help you find some
groups that may be of interest to you. By all means use this feature, but don't rely on
it. In this case, there is just no substitution for the laborious work of manual selection
and review.

What You'll Find

As you proceed through the long list of 15,000+ newsgroups, you'll find groups with
attachments like alt (for alternative) and misc (for miscellaneous). What tech nerd
thought these names up, I'll probably never know, but if I find out I'll give him (or her) a
piece of my mind. You'll see groups like

misc.entrepreneurs multi-level insurance

Groups are directed at specific interests... specific tastes (some grotesquely
bizarre)... specific geographic locations... you name it. Your task at this point is to
every single one that relates to what you're selling. Do you sell to entrepreneurs? To
people in multi-level marketing? To people in insurance? To prospects in
Connecticut? Why, then, you want to select these groups for future reference.

How do you do that? Easy. When you find a group you like, just hit the subscribe key.
That group is now tagged for future reference... its browsers ready to hear from you,
old sport.

Now Start Your Newsgroup Review

I've got news for you. It's going to take time for you to read through 15,000 entries.
Don't do it all at once. Take your time. Just make it a part of every day. Don't go to
bed until you have reviewed your quota for the day. Maybe do one letter of the
alphabet daily... or 1000 entries. Either way, set your objective and get started.
Remember, as you add more and more entries to your newsgroup "subscribed" list,
what you're really doing is giving yourself more and more free ads. If that doesn't
provide an entrepreneur with motivating incentive, I can't imagine what would!

Getting Ready To Post: Brainstorming Your Ads

Before you post you should do two things:

1) visit the group to see what's being posted, length, etc. Just click on the group you
want to visit from your subscribed list, then hit the "go to" command. You're now
looking at -- your competitors for the time and attention of browers! What you're going
to discover first of all is that certain smart people have already figured out what I'm
telling you... namely that getting free ads in the newsgroups is worth their time and
attention. Read their postings since they're veterans. At the very least, you'll know
who you're competing against for space; besides, they may give you some ideas. (I
know I've gotten a few this way.)

2) then start brainstorming your own ads. Advice: don't just write one or two ads when
you're in the mood. Write 20. Say you're selling chocolate chip cookies, you'd
brainstorm ad headings like this

. delicious chocolate chip cookies. (your URL address)
. chocolate chip cookies sent to you daily (ditto)
. a new batch of chocolate chip cookies made every 20 minutes.
. our chocolate chip cookies are great for after-school snacks
. Show your love for that special someone w/ our chocolate chip cookies.

Get the message?

You want to brainstorm as many of these ads as possible.... and you want the lead
sentence (the heading that posts to the newsgroup) to be brief and contain as many
client-centered benefits as the short space allows.

Slanting The Message To The Group

The Internet, remember, is about addressing specific interest groups and showing
them that you've got something just for them. Newsgroups, as you already know, are
founded on distinct particularities. Cater to them. Thus in the multi-level
grou,p your ad might read "You'll recruit more people while enjoying our chocolate
chip cookies." Or in alt.connecticut you might say, "People in West Haven love our
chocolate chip cookies. See for yourself." Get the drift? Talk to the people in the
newsgroup; make them feel your posting is just for them. Note: all too many
mass-posters don't bother about this. They just dump their messages hither and yon.
Not smart. You be different.

The Actual Ad

A posting to a newsgroup is composed of three parts: heading, message, and
signature file. You know your headings need to be short (they have to fit on one line
of the screen). Your message, of course, can be longer.

In my view, short messages are best. Moreover, the message should direct people
back to your home page where you can really lay on the details. Personally, I might
run a heading as short as "FREE business newsletter."

The message that follows goes like this: "To get your free subscription to our twice
monthly WORLDGRAM Newsletter, packed with business development and
marketing information, e-mail" The message, in short,
is short.

Similarly, you could direct your prospect back to your Web site by saying something
like, "Find out how good our chocolate chip cookies are and how to get some fast.
Go to (your URL)."

Remember, postings are intended to

1) snag the attention of relevant prospects (your heading)
2) give them necessary information about where they can get the complete low-down
on what you're selling, and
3) provide a much more detailed, frankly commercial signature file.

What Is The Signature File?

As you probably know, there are still any number of cave-dwelling netderthals on the
Web who think that commerce is something dirty. (Of course, they don't mind at all
sex postings for deeds which, even at age 50, I had no knowledge existed or were
even physically possible). In due course, time will solve this problem, but, for now, we
need to be (at least minimally) aware of it. Thus, it's a good idea to keep your posting
short and somewhat muted in its commercial dimension. You see above, for instance,
that I'm offering a free business newsletter subscription and merely saying how
prospects can get it. Brief, client-centered, action-oriented, and definitely civic

But with the signature file, in the Alice-in-Wonderland Web world allowable things
change. Here you can be -- and should be -- as blatantly commercial as you like. Lots
of nonsense has been written about the signature file. There are those who still say
you should include in it nothing more than your name and maybe the name of your
business. Well, they're crazy. My signature file is 10 lines long of unabashedly
commercial text. And no one has even muttered a peep about it. (Now that I've said
that, of course, some creep is sure to turn me in to Marketing Dragnet.)

Your signature file should contain what mine does:

. descriptive information on what you're selling
. its special benefits
. relevant deadlines (if you're selling something in limited supply or with a specific
calendar like my quarterly Sales & Marketing Success Card Deck)
. anything you give away free (like a catalog)
. prices
. order information
. every bit of follow-up information you can think of, including e-mail, URL (Web site)
address, phone, fax, physical street address, etc.

In other words it ought to be blatant, blatant, blatant. Thus, your complete posting will
consist of a short, client-centered heading, a brief equally client-centered message,
and a signature file of 6-12 lines that brings home the bacon with additional benefits
and everything a prospect needs to take action now.

Is it hard to write and, as necessary, change your signature file? No way! For your
newsgroup signature file simply

. call up your browser
. click on mail
. click on read news
. check connected in the lower right hand corner
. click on news at the top of the page on your main menu
. click on options
. select signature
. change the text in the window
. then hit okay.

It may look complicated the first time you do it, but don't worry. It'll become
second-nature to you as you get better and better at writing client-centered signature
files that push the envelope!

Now Get Started

Okay, you've now selected your groups, brainstormed your ads and headings, written
a dynamite signature file. It's time to get started. Click on "new message." Tab to the
subject area. Enter your one-line heading. Then tab and enter your main ad message.

. Start by making a single posting. As the Chinese proverb says, the journey of a
thousand miles starts with a single step. Your first posting is that step.

. Don't expect too much from just one posting. Just like you, my first nervous day in
the newsgroups, I made just a single posting. The world didn't rush to my door to buy
a better mousetrap. Undaunted, the next day I posted another one in newsgroup 1
and a first one in newsgroup 2. And so on for a week. Now I had about 7 postings in
about 30 newsgroups. At that point I started to get e-mail messages and phone calls
from ecstatic advertisers in the Worldprofit Mall Complex saying, "What are you
doing? My traffic's up, up, up!" It was as if the dam had burst, the faucet pouring out
eager browsers whom I had been directing to Worldprofit. I was a very happy camper;
advertisers purred.

The key here is system. One ad in one group won't make you a millionaire. Seven ads
in 7 groups will definitely boost your traffic. 200 ads over 7 days in 7 groups means an
avalanche of new prospects. The message? Just keep chipping away, the way I do. I
now post in the early morning and at the end of my day... at least twice a day. Why?
Because I know it works... and I'm prepared to put in the time to boost the Worldprofit
Mall traffic and my own product/service sales.

Will you? Or will you just "manana" it?

Personally, I think newsgroups are the best thing since sliced bread. And I've taken to
them like a duck to water. Don't be surprised, therefore, if when you're doing your
postings you find a lot of mine. And don't be surprised, if you're a Worldprofit
advertiser, to find as you do your posting that you've already got an ad or two up in
various groups. You see, as a certified nice guy, I often post the headings of your
Worldprofit Web sites and InternetConnect card ads and direct the prospects right to
your traffic. No big deal. I do it when I can and for the same reason I do my own
postings: so that Back Issue Comix becomes what it is clearly destined to be: THE

And as your traffic goes up, let me know.

I hope this information helps you in your business endeaver.You may copy and print this article. For more information read Reynold Jay's book    How To Think Small Business For Big Profits  and Born To Be Rich for business motivation. (CLICK for more information.)