CGC Special Orders

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Collectors who wish to collect a  20 year old series in 9.6 and 9.8 are finding that dealers are simply offering #1 when they can and not much else. For example, if a collector wished to collect  Crisis on Infinite Earths, they might find key issues 7 and 8 readily available however the others just don't seem to magically appear. In many instances a collector could send in his own collection to be certified and hope for the ultra grades.

Searching eBay and dealers shelves for the missing issues isn't going to work in most instances. Dealers tend to go for the easy sale and offer the items that have a wide appeal. Few customers are interested in collecting complete runs of CGC comics as they are expensive and cannot be easily read.

However, for collectors who wish to collect a run of comics can do so by special ordering here. Visit our special order page which is informal and send in your request. No up front moneys are required and the price is set in our price list page.  Special orders are now over 50% of our entire business and if trends continue, it will eventually be 90% of our activity. This means that most customers who collect 20 year old books in 9.8 will either special order or search endlessly on eBay for books that will never appear.

Expect fewer thinly traded books to be offered at eBay. We'll  be concentrating on working with serious collectors completing their collections.

We will offer X-Men and Amazing Spider-man runs to collectors from our inventory of certified comics. There are many collectors of these issues and special orders , in many instances will not be necessary. However, if a collector cannot find a particular issue in the marketplace, that person could simply bring it to our attention and we'd be sure to place it into our pipeline.    


 We do offer starter collection offerings for many 70's and 80's titles. For example BATTLE STAR GALACTICA  has many faithful followers who would like all 23 issues published in 1979. We offer 1-10 from our inventory and can offer the rest of the set to anyone who would take the time to special order these. What are the odds of finding issues 11-23 at eBay? Well... about zilch. A quick look at the CGC data base will indicate that these are nearly non-existent and most that are there clock in at 9.2 or so.  In fact we know that nearly every B.G. in the data base came from  our inventory.  


When it's time to get serious with your collection and complete those runs, plan to drop us a note about your plans and we'll begin working for you filling the gaps. Expect long 3-5 month waiting periods and fair prices. We'll always quote you fair prices before you make any decision and work with a time plan that will fit your budget too. For example, if you were ordering 11-23 BG , you might want 3-5 issues at a time. 

It's likely we will ask you to make some purchases from our inventory before we begin the pipeline with your issues, simply because we don't want to be left holding the bag when items arrive. Your upfront purchases are an indication that you plan to follow through when the ordered comics arrive. We charge no pre-order fees , so we are really trusting our customers to make the payments and take delivery when the special orders arrive.

Only recently  have we been willing to take orders for the 9.8 grades. We are now fairly experienced in obtaining the ultra grades and can pretty much obtain 9.8 for most anything in our raw inventory. It's not an easy task to obtain this grade as it's likely we will submit several issues in your behalf in order to get the 9.8. We pay all kinds of special fees  and work closely with CGC in order to secure comics for our customers.


Prices you find are always going to be very close to price RJ will quote you. Simply write or call with a list of comics you want and a firm price will be quoted to you. You always have a choice of grades too. If you only want a 9.8, for example, your request is entered as such.

You'll get advice on various issues as some are "problem books" and often there is a reason why 9.8 is not in the CGC data base. Most often it is a printer's problem and entire runs contain a defect. RJ will report that info to you and you can make decisions accordingly.


Look over the MODERN COMICS section of web site to see if your comic is listed. If you find it, that means it is a potential CGC grade item and could be ordered immediately. If you don't find it listed, it could still be on stock as not every comic we have is listed. We'll do a search and if we find it , we will begin working  with you to get an ultra grade.

 If we do not have it, we'll contact our warehouse suppliers who may come up with it for us. This often takes  a  week or more, however we feel it is worth the effort. Often we will come up empty handed. Last resort is for the customer to secure a comic and send it to us for evaluation and submission.     

 Special Note

Many collectors are responding and asking for 90's comics which have guide values of $2-5. IF we have the issues on stock expect to pay around 9.6 $29.95  ....   9.8 $39.95.

Upgrade your Collection to MINT with PGX SPECIAL ORDER SERVICE

BIC will be submitting more and more books to PGX. This company is working hard to get out the product and everything is first rate. We encourage everyone to try at least one book and then we would expect our customers to be hooked.

Rather than settle for 9.8 grades for mint books, RJ wants to ask everyone who would like to own 9.9/10 mint books to send a request for a free quote for 1-10 comics. ( More than that will overwhelm us).  Books published 1990 to present will be priced $69.95/ $99.95 for many. Mint grades before 1990 are very rare, however BIC has the raw stock from this time period to obtain 9.9 grades. DC comics generally do better than Marvel. See Best of Best page, and last week's bulletin to get an idea of what is possible in obtaining the rare 9.9 grade. The 10.0 is most often reserved for the 1990 to present comics with superior grade printing. Chromium books, and Graphic Novels perform well.

   IF you take time to send a want list of 10 comics that we list as being on stock, it's likely we would have 0-2 that may be mint and we would take your order from that point. Anticipate that most selections will come up empty.

From this point, we will be submitting books that look like mint candidates to PGX with MINT 9.9 pre-sort minimum.

When you send a 9.9-10.0 wish list, we will write back and advise which ones may be MINT candidates, quote a price for each and then send off your Special Order to PGX. There is never any guarantee that comics will return with the anticipated grades. Comics before 1990 should anticipate 9.9 as the best grade and the same for non-chrome, non-ultra print comics. As with all our Special Orders, you pay nothing until the comic arrives with the 9.9-10 grade and is ready for delivery to you.

Reference only: The below services  have been discontinued.

 2015 Report

 Building your CGC Collection

If you have been sending want lists to RJ and he isn't able to find the comics you want, think about finding the comics yourself and then send them to RJ to get'm certified. You'll obtain higher grades with this system and in the end save yourself time and frustration trying to obtain those ultra-grades.

For example, if you wanted a run of comics and RJ supplied all but a handful, why not hunt the elusive issues down yourself and let RJ handle it from there. You could send the remaining issues in yourself, however you may very well be disappointed with the grades when they arrive from CGC. Instead , place yourself in the hands of a professional and obtain free advice and consultation on how to handle your order. Your comics can be upgraded dramatically by using this service. RJ can prep your comics for the proper presentation to CGC such that your comics will come out as winners.

Back Issue Comix would like to find every comic for every customer, however it's a time consuming process when our normal channels of supply come up empty handed. Consider that YOU ARE THE ONE BUILDING THE COLLECTION, and searching for comics should be a large part of your activity. In many instances you may need to secure a handful of copies before finding one that really stands out as a winner. Plan to sell off the losers as a part of your collecting activities.

Back Issue Comix has been providing this service for a few select customers and the results have been very satisfying for everyone. In some instances comics arriving in 6.0 ended up as 9.6 and most often 9.2 /9./4 arrivals obtain 9.6 and 9.8 grades after prep.


Prep time for expensive comics $90/ hour. Most lower priced books 5-15 minutes  @ $70/hour.  Expensive books can run up to 90 minutes.

No fee for books that are deemed not CGC quality and order from customer is to hold only. No work to be performed. 


All comics now returned directly back to you.

When comics arrive at my lab, they receive a free e-mail report with

1. Arriving estimated grade.

2. Estimated grade after prep with time estimate. Recommendations often made
at this point.

Then customer decides on which books to proceed and which to set aside with
little or no work

All comics are sent back to you. In most instances we do not forward comics  to certification companies.

New notes:

 We have found most books can be prepped in 5-10 minutes. Nice quality books 7.5-9.0 generally take 10-13  minutes and the 9.2-9.6 books closer to five minutes.  Books are graded free and a report is sent to you . You'll give directions to RJ on which books to set aside and which books to prep.  The report will look like this:

When you inquire, R.J. will send you information on how to select comics which will benefit the most from this service. You'll see before and after photos so you will know what to expect. No restoration of any kind is utilized in this service.


Here's a letter from David who was our first customer for the service.

Number 1 in 9.4 that's unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!   And the other 2 in 9.6!!!  
I'm thinking that without your cleanup this miracle in grading would not be possible.
 I picked up the only other existing Gold Key Pink Panther CGC 9.4 comic on eBay (number 50) so my dream of creating the highest grade set of PP's in 9.4 or better is actually getting off the ground!   It's amazing how thrilling this sort of thing is! 
talk soon!

DAVID RECEIVED the order and responds:


Hi Reynold
Got them today.  Just unreal!   Too actually have them sitting inside CGC cases with super human high about satisfaction!
Your skill is quite evident when looking at PP#1.  I must have looked at it 100 times by now (and have every defect memorized) and when I saw it in the CGC case I new it was mine BUT holy smokes did you ever do a good job on the spine!  It seems to jump right out of the case screaming "look at me, I'm graded 9.4 now!"
best regards

Here's another happy customer.

I'm amazed at these grades! Without your service, these would have been a whole different story. As I look at the comics in the frames, it's unbelievable that these are the same comics. Too nice to sell. It's nice to know I'm around $2,000 ahead for a $100 service.  RJ, I'll be back!      J.M

Another Customer Reports

Hi R.J.  

    I'm  just sick! I see the grades I could have been getting all along and have a fortune tied up in books with 7.0 and 8.0 grades that I sent in too soon. I saw your service , had my doubts and gave it a try. When CGC called and said everything was going to be over the 9.0 mark ( after being prepped) I nearly fainted. Now I'm planning on sending you the expensive slabbed books to crack the frames and re-submit. Expect a package to arrive on your doorstep as soon as I recover from the shock. Regards.


Get your comics prepped for certification. We press and clean and send them back to you. write Pat  ( A-1 affiliate). This link  for prep service only! Click here  and here for more  enlightening information.