~ Seeds from Heaven Trilogy ~


The trilogy most often maintained a #1 seller placement in the genre whenever I launched a promotion to Kindle readers. Other marketplaces were not approached. I wrote a number of novels in different genres, each one meant to be the best-ever-written, setting a high bar for others. All books were written with book-to-film concepts.

One can find me easily enough. There are 3 billion internet sites that will pop up when searching my name. I dropped out of internet social sites 7 years ago as, " Things were getting out of hand...Yes--too much for a person trying to keep it manageable."

I do need an agent as a part of the team to find the proper placement for books-to-films to be sold as they deserve. Hopefully, you are the exceptional person to do this.

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~ The series premise ~


God sees that much of his creation has withered and died. His last hope is that Earth can be saved and is perhaps all that can be salvaged. He sets upon a desperate plan in which he sends seeds to Earth that are mankind’s hope for survival. He sends an archangel to assist the four seeds, the three generations of the Lancaster family.

The Lancaster’s are unaware of their celestial powers or that they are “seeds” with a godly mission. They go about their lives believing they are ordinary American citizens in a modern-day world. Each Lancaster experiences life quite differently and it is only with age that each begins to understand their unique relation with a higher power. The stories of self-discovery show the struggles that each encounter as they make their way in a world that is challenging them at every turn.

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~ Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel ~


Book one gives the reader a 2-year glimpse of Raymond Lancaster, the main character (angel) of the series who teaches impaired children at a school operated by scoundrels. The children steal the hearts of readers in this endearing tale of love, compassion, and triumph.


Book two follows his daughter, Ci (an angel) and boyfriend, Quentin in epic-length romantic adventure into Egypt where they skirt bad guys at every corner in an attempt to discover the mystery behind the death of Quentin's father.


Book three is a tale of father and son discovering they are angels, sent to save the world from self-destruction. The reader follows the family as they rise to fame and join together united in their spiritual quest to re-shape the world as never before.



~ Book One: Lean Against the Wind ~


~ Synopsis ~



1975—Ten-year-old Raymond Lancaster visits an ancient Mexican Zapotic archaeological site in Mitla with his mom and dad and has a vision of heaven. (This event is recalled beautifully from a spiritual viewpoint in the first chapter in book three.)

Jump to 1994. Lancaster recalls his reasons for wanting to be a Special Education teacher while driving to the interview.

Raymond Lancaster, the second seed, (an unknowing angel) is “called” to work as a Special education teacher in Springfield, Michigan in 1994. He begins his work in a forgotten dilapidated schoolhouse in Springfield where he finds success with the students and staff.

A new special education center is built in his honor and Lancaster and the staff are consolidated into it. Lancaster quickly realizes that the new administration is ruthless and has little concern for the students. He battles Principal Porterfield and Assistant Principal, Jacqueline Daugherty at every turn and all turns out well in the end with Raymond exposing the corrupt administration and creating great expectations for his students.






Book Two: The Gold of Mansa Musa


~ Synopsis ~


 Mansa Musa plans the hajj from Timbuktu to Mekka which includes and entourage of 60,000, and 100 camels loaded with 300 pounds of gold in the year 1534. (historically correct) Two members of the caravan become lost and the camel becomes lame. They decide to leave four chests in the Eye of the Elephant precipice in Libya and draw a map.


Present Day:

Ci, (Raymond Lancaster’s daughter) and her boyfriend, Quentin decide on Valentine’s Day to visit Quentin’s archaeologist father in Fayoum Egypt. They discover he was murdered for a mysterious African parchment and seek to uncover the mystery behind it.

Abrirashid ali Pasha leads a rouge army from within the Pyramid of Ra. Radicals are attracted to the site and he needs money to fund the operation to conquer Egypt. He communicates by messenger with the giant Russian who runs the operation to secure the Parchment and find the treasure of Mansa Musa. Professor Crockett returns to his house and finds the giant Russian waiting inside along with the Falcon Brothers (a radical cult from ancient Pyramid of Ra who act as henchmen).  
    38 Chapters include:

Rich detailed legendary settings and ancient Egyptian history run throughout the tale.

Ci left for dead in an abandoned pyramid, skirmishes with cult henchmen at Bacchias, the Lions of Tebtuinis, Saliyin with the famous waterwheels, House of Carter, Museum of Alexandria, Giza, the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, the Abu al-Haggag Mosque, the Temples at Deir al-Bahri and the Luxor Temple. They learn that the Egyptian Secret Service has somewhat duped them and substituted a fake Parchment in order to set a trap for the Falcon Cult. The real parchment is turned over to them after the army of Abrirashid ali Pasha is led into a trap and destroyed.




The Final Chapters:

Ghusharib, a Secret Service pilot flies Ci, Quentin, and Ramazani over the black sands of the valley and lands the helicopter in the cave of The Crying Elephant and the treasure is found at the entrance. The Russian flies in with four helicopters and some Russian henchmen. They overwhelm Quentin and his friends with superior firepower and the treasure is surrendered. The Russian announces he will kill everyone unless Ci accompanies him when he leaves. Ramazani challenges him to a saber duel with the beautiful Ci as the prize. Ramazani defeats the Russian and sends him reeling over the edge of the cliff.


A Khamsin (violent storm) approaches, the Russians depart and Quentin’s friends find refuge in the helicopter sequestered in the cave. Bats come out to feed while everyone is trapped in the cave during the storm. The storm passes overnight and Quentin recovers the treasure from the helicopters found destroyed from the storm. He shows the Al Jaghbub passengers that the black sands are alluvial fields filled with diamonds.


A fanatical Colonel awaits them in Al Jaghbub and attempts to wrench the entire treasure from them. A trio of F-16’s and a show of force allows Ci and Quentin to escape across the border with the treasure intact. Ci discovers she has a new outlook on life with all that has occurred, and wonders how she will explain the past week’s events to her mother.




Book Three: Seeds From Heaven


~ Synopsis ~


Magnificent spectacle on the grandest scale abounds with lavish pageantry and ceremonies that will touch your heart. Share in the intimate moments of a family that loves and sacrifices for each other and then extends that love to encompass the world.

On the surface they were an ordinary family—a typical family that went about living their lives struggling to build a life for themselves in an average American modern-day town. Raymond Lancaster’s archaeologist father disappeared when he was a child and his mother now gone found himself alone in an indifferent world. From impoverished beginnings he propelled himself to modest wealth building RL Enterprises into an international conglomerate. He lived peacefully, blissfully with his loving wife Susan, his college sweetheart, and his son and daughter never anticipating that everything would come crashing to an abrupt end.  


  His wife begins to notice things about Raymond and informs him that she believes he has been chosen by God for some greater purpose. Susan then is taken from him in a tragic accident. Now alone with Ci and Raymond Jr., Lancaster lives a life of quiet introspection, remembers his wife’s dying words then sets out upon a journey into the wilds of deepest Africa in order to discover what happened to his father some thirty years before.


Ra takes Ra-tu, his son, and daughter Ci to Mitla where they all experience a spiritual trip to heaven. Ra-tu and Ci tell their father that he had been putting off a trip to Africa much too long. He should make an effort to find out what happened to his father.


He quickly discovers that his father survived a crash in Northern Africa and had become an African legend—a living god—among the Bantu tribes and created the hidden city Zuva MuZi in the Ogo mountains. He is taken into the jungle city where his father now called Suma Rungu, the Good God, instructs him on using his hidden levitation “gift” that both appear to possess. Lancaster meets the beautiful Iisha, who believes that his father is a prophet and that Lancaster may very well be one too. They marry and Raymond soon gives up his identity as a Lancaster and realizes he is destined to become a spiritual leader and sets out to reshape the world as Ra the Third Prophet.


They produce a recording of one of their concerts in the arena and release it to the world where they become celebrities. Six billion view a concert in the Hindu Kush. Abdullaha Aal-Ghazi takes the stage with a plan to murder Ra in a bloody spectacle. Ra suffers the slash of a whip and Ra has a vision of Susan, his first wife, and Gabriella, who give him strength to continue in spite of his wounds. A life and death struggle ensues with Ra the victor. Abdullaha Aal-Ghazi begs for a death blow that will make him a martyr. Ra refuses and Hakim the giant deals the deathblow as Abdullaha Aal-Ghazi makes a last effort to kill Ra while his back is turned. Ra falls to the stage and a doctor declares, "He has no pulse!" Ra is given emergency medical attention and comes to life and pronounces that a three-day festival has begun. Ci arrives as a medical team works intently to save Ra. She is told that Ra has a remarkable body that will recover and is given Ra's holy garment covered with his blood.


Ra emerges on the third day and offers a holy message that will reunite the world as never before. A grand spectacle that touches the heart follows. The concerts continue for a year with Ra successfully reuniting the world as never before. The family returns to Zuva MuZi for a rest. Plans are made for constructing an outdoor theater at the Grand Canyon site. A little blind girl is given a white cloth to cover her eyes during the first concert. Three days later she returns and in a touching ceremony, Ra carries her across the precipice on a beam of light and removes the wraps. The girl describes the beautiful sunset, Ra carries her back across the chasm into the waiting arms of her mother. Ra explains that it is Dr. Jacob who has performed the miracle of sight for Emily.


A plot to murder Ra is hatched by Abdullaha Aal-Ghazi's brother. Ra is shot when he steps on the stage by his sniper fire. A golden coffin with Ra's body is paraded in the City of Ra. Ten years later Ci and Ra-tu conduct the annual memorial service at the Grand Canyon. They depart for Zuva MuZi in time to be a part of the festivities featuring Ra! (The murder of Ra and the funeral, etc. was a hoax) Ci and Ra-tu discover they have levitation skills! (Yes, they are angels too!)