12 Songs by Doctor Jay, & the Guardians of Time. 

Two children's Songs used in the Library and School  presentations and 10 songs that adults might enjoy. $5.00+ $1 media rate shipping fee. ( or free shipping with book order) See the video at YOUTUBE for Cute Little Stone, Goody Goody Gumdrop and others. 

The Karaoke version contains all the music of the first CD and 9 Karaoke tracks, fun for singing along and makes nice background music too. Aretha Franklin backup signers are heard through all the songs. Lyrics are included. $7.00+ $1.00 media rate shipping fee. ( or free shipping with book order) See instrumental videos at YOUTUBE to listen to a few of these.

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A Passing Stranger by Reynold Jay

Songs by Reynold Jay are now available

on 33 1/3 Vintage album

Reynold Jay's

Passing Stranger  (& Doctor Jay and the Guardians of Time song List) Each song has a music video at YOU TUBE.


  1. Deep Blue Water
  2. Paint me a Promise
  3. Passing Stranger
  4. Politick’n*
  5. Tangled in Love
  6. Member of the Band
  7. Passion of the Night
  8. Cute Little Stone*
  9. Sleepwalker
  10. Sweet Apple Ballad
  11. Plain Black Cover
  12. Goody Goody Gumdrop

* Bonus songs included on the CD

 You can also go to YOUTUBE Reynold Jay Channel. .

 Passing Stranger 33 1/3 album $24.95 includes shipping USA

Write RJ and send your address immediately upon payment. Credit cards not accepted. Send a check  or money order to 3024 Blossom Circle, Saginaw, MI. 48603.

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