Overstreet Grading system used at this site. We know how to grade. Nuff said.
See Overstreet  Guide 30 page 181 for details.

 NM+ / NM
You'll see this notation used in comic section A-Z /comics 1976-present.
NM+ is a nearly perfect comic rated ONE 9.4-up. Most issues you receive will be 9.6 and some will be 9.8. Overstreet lists this grade as the upper end of NM with NM/Mint obtaining a number of 9.8. Current marketplace often pays 2-10 times NM prices to obtain these very high quality comics. 9.9 and 10 is so rare that 100-1000 times NM is common . You'll note that prices are much lower than this for the NM+ comics when you browse the listings.

NM  in our listings is an 9.0 -9.4 graded comic. This is NOT an Overstreet standard for NM, however we use this to indicate that the comic will often contain a dented corner, spine stress or noticable defect. Sometimes the back cover will be dirty. These are Uncirculated comics that have small defects and might correctly be called NM- or VF-NM in some instances. Prices are substantially lower for this grade.

How to order

Order the lower NM grade for the best prices and bargains. Very often you will receive a higher grade book. We simply guarentee that each book will be uncirculated , clean front and back cover. Often you will receive books in NM+ condition as a part of your order. Most orders are filled with some NM+ and some NM mixed together when you order this grade. When you receive  an order, you will easily recognize the NM+ books . Please do not expect to receive all NM+ books when ordering at the lower NM grade.

When you order NM+, every book is inspected carefully to insure that it meets the standard. In some instances, we will advise that a comic is only available in a lower grade and you may  delete the book from your order or request the lower grade book at a reduced price. These books are returnable if you spot a defect we have overlooked. It does happen, however not often. We ask for you to pay the shipping and usually toss in an extra item or two to offset your shipping costs. We generally ship a better book at our expense or send a refund. Another option is to retain the book and accept a partial refund. A phone conversation is all that is generally needed.

Past customers will note this is a bit of a change for Back Issue Comix.

Note: All books are cleaner than most dealers NM and NM+ because of our superior storage system  which have protected the books from dust from the day they were published. Comics that sit in store bins in a comic bag collect dust and the back covers become dirty. Look over your collection and you will not that most back covers are dirty and smudged. Back Issue dealers who buy out bankrupt stores often obtain the "dirty" issues and except for the dirt, are very nearly NM or NM+.