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Collectible Limited First Editions are available: Books are labeled on the first inside page as First Editions. Free Media Mail shipping in USA. Write to order with first class for extra ship fees. Allow three weeks for delivery. Many are sent out with 24 hour service. Look for the asterisk *. Foreign will be billed separately for shipping fees.  

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Tammy and the Declaration of Independence


Color 700 $19.95 * Look for the * to indicate it can be shipped within 24 hours.

Parch 1000 $19.95

Sketch 1000 $6.95 (Black and White interior)*


Color 1000 $19.95 *

Parch 1000 $19.95


Sketch 500 $6.95 (black and white interior)


Color 800 $14.95 *

Parch 500 $14.95

Sketch 400 $6.95 (black and white Interior)*

~Parchment Editions~

 (View the art as it appeared when it was discovered)

~Sketch Editions~

( View the art during the restoration process)

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