Wurtherington Book Five

Tammy Meets William Tell

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1. Tammy's sees that her town of Rock Falls looks like a Bavarian Village while on her way to school. Mark, her  brother, is with her.   Chapter One. Pointed roofs and people dressed in Bavarian Dark Ages clostumes.

2. Shopping for new clothes in Capira. Chapter One

I explained that we all needed outfits and we were ushered into a fine haberdashery in Sakuna (The elf village in Kira). Zeke and Cedric loved standing in front of the mirror admiring their new look. We quickly found Bavarian clothing that would suit our time traveling adventure. In a short time we looked very much like the Kakuna elves with pointed feathered hats and short pants. Polly found a hat too. "Caw, caw, caw!" she said when she looked into the mirror.

Zeke agreed, "That hat is perfect for you, Polly!"

We were ready to fly back to Capira on Polly.


3. William Tell wins the archery contest behind the church at his wedding in Switzerland. Chapter two.

The men carried their crossbows and gathered at a target range  near the river. They had set up a target against a tree that stood about fifty yards off. Everyone took a turn at it. Most everyone hit the target and two had found the bull's-eye. William Tell was the last to shoot. He tested the wind with his finger, then unlatched the trigger of the crossbow. The arrow sailed across the meadow and struck the center of the bull's-eye.



4. Tammy and others ride over the wall of the castle on Polly. Chapter Three


We hopped on Polly and flew to the front of the rampaging crowd. "Stop!" I said. "Stay out of range from the crossbows. Baumgarten and Yberg will open the gate and then you may storm the castle." I signaled the pair to get aboard and we were off into the air high over the castle.  Both men carried crossbows and began shooting soldiers the moment we landed inside the compound. We could see the sheriff directing his men to kill the villagers.

Zeke and Cedric flew all about with their iron skillets and began whacking the soldiers that were all about. Yberg and I made our way to the gate and worked the levers that opened it. Baumgarten had run off after the sheriff who had run into the castle.

We got the gate open and the villagers raced through it and began battling the soldiers. Arrows were flying all about and soldiers were dropping from the turrets like hail. It was over quickly. The villagers had killed all the soldiers and stood in the middle of the compound grateful that they had won so easily. Baumgarten came down a stairway. He held the bloodied head of the sheriff  at his side and held it so all could see. "The sheriff is dead! My wife is avenged! He will hurt no one from this day!" Everyone cheered and congratulated him.


5. The three canton leaders sign the  Rutli Oath. Chapter Three

The big day arrived and everyone in Altdorf was out in Seelsburg preparing for their guests that would arrive soon. They roasted goats and pigs  all morning. At noon several hundred were in attendance and Konrad ab Yberg addressed the gathering while others stood at his side. He said, "Welcome  to our ceremony this morning. With me are thirty-three men who represent the new Council of Thirty-Three. We join together  for the first time as  The League of Three Cantons when we affix our signatures to this important document. In it we vow that we have banded together for the first time for our mutual defense. I will now let Werner Stauffacher, the magistrate of Schwyz, say a few words."

6. William Tell shoots the apple off his son's head with his crossbow. Chapter Four

7. William Tell escapes from the boat. Chapter Four

8.William Tell shoots Gessler Chapter Four. A woman is talking to him while he sits on a horse, Tell shoots him with his crossbow.

9. Chapter Five   attacking the slave labor camp

The entire town marches out of the village to confront the slave labor camp ( building a road)  and they quickly overcome the guards. Tell shoots many arrows and kills many.

10. Chapter Six ... Scarecrow practice, they cluck the heads of scarecrows with a rock and chain.

 On their flight over the mountains they come upon an elf village that rides on large hawks. They tell them that the their freedom is threatened and invite them to join in the fight. They tell a story that soldiers tried many times to collect taxes and turn them into serfs. They agree and several of the elves accompany them from this point of the story. It is calculated that they can clunk heads of soldiers while flying over their heads. They give a demonstration.


11. Chapter Six


 During the flight back they see the pass at Morgarten and decide that would be a great place to catch the army.


12  Chapter Seven. William Tell dresses in Austrian soldiers outfit and talks to the Duke Leopold in his headquarters ( a tent) Austrians generals are there. Maybe Tammy and critters peeking in the door or window. Map on the table.


Tammy flies to William Tell and convinces him to infiltrate the army headquarters. He advises that  they should abandon Arth and go by way of the Morgarten Pass and catch them by surprise. A scout confirms that Arth is fortified and Leopold decides to march through Morgarten.

13. Chapter Eight : Show the battle scene. Logs rolling down the cliff. Austrians falling from their horses into the water. Zeke and Cedric  flies overhead

 on Polly clunking heads with the chain and rock. Elves do the same from Hawks. 

Leopold's army arrives and a barricade is set up at the end of the pass and the soldiers are trapped. The elves clunk the heads of the soldiers. The Confederates use the halberds and glaives to deride the knights. November 15 1315... The battle lasts for two hours and Leopold runs off deserting his army. Several wounded soldiers admit they should have taken her advice ( from 1307 battle) William Tell finds his bother in the battle field in his arms as he nearly dies. The brother says that he is sorry for the life he has led.  The army surrenders and Tammy tells them they can return to Leopold or begin a life of freemen. She has deeds to property prepared and they all decide to take her offer.


14. Tammy, William tell and Stauffacher addresses the captured Austrians and offers them freedom. (Described Above)


15. Chapter Nine  William Tell shoots an arrow across the room in Leopold's castle.

December 10, 1315

Tammy, William Tell, and her friends fly to Leopold's castle and arrive in his chambers. Leopold is in disgrace for losing to the rabble.  When Leopold arrives he is confronted by William Tell and an arrow whisking by his ear. William Tell advises him to recognize the Federal Charter of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden otherwise there will be personal consequences. Tammy throws an apple into the air and Tell splits it with his arrow and the arrow lands in the heart of a figure drawn on the wall that looks a bit like Leopold.



 16. Tammy tells the Story of William tell at school. ( you may use previous school room scene if you wish.)

Chapter Ten

 Tammy returns to Kira and Lucinda says everything looks good as Leopold did sign ( reafirm) a new Freeman Charter the following year and everything returned as it should. Tammy returns home and sees that her town is once again back in place. She sees the American flag in place and says the pledge of allegiance. The teacher wonders if anyone knows the story of William Tell. She says she knows it well and addresses the class and tells them her story. The teacher gives her  a top grade and says the class can study something else  now that Tammy told them all about it. The teacher confides in Tammy that she is a special girl and seemed to understand far more than any history book. She puts her friends to bed. What have they learned? They say that freedom is something that must be fought for over and over again if it is to be maintained.  She says, "Goodnight." 


17. Bed time. Use your bedroom backdrop. An arrow is in the scene, the map etc. Have everyone dressed in their William Tell outfits. One of the critters can be holding an apple.      


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