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Write with the items and prices you wish to order.

A Pay Pal invoice will be sent to you.


Please fill out a want list. This helps us decide which comics to send to CGC.

Hi Reynold Jay,

I'm simply interested in these titles as CGC graded comics. I don't want to order anything or make any deposit. Here' my CGC want list. Please notify me when any of these become available. I understand I am under no obligation to make a purchase.

Grades I like are: 9._____

Cut and Paste/send email/above

We will then send you a chart of prices for the issues we plan to send in for you. It will look like this:  Sample only ( not real prices)

                          9.4  9.6  9.8  

ASM 305         $30   $40  $50

You should make a copy of this as these are your guaranteed prices. You may indicate that you are not interested in any of the grades. You could tell us that 9.8 is too expensive, for example.

When the comics arrive, we would send you an email and then you could elect to complete the sale or walk away from it. 

Who Should Use This Service?

If you are a CGC collector and are in the process of building a unique run of comics, you'll want to consider ordering much of it here. Example: You decide to build a complete run of Battlestar Galactica or Crisis on Infinite Earths with 9.8 and up grades. Most of these issues are simply not available elsewhere , so shopping here would solve most of your collecting needs.

Use the form below. Copy and paste and send in your want list of comics selected from this web site. Wait for our response and then you will have an opportunity to send in your deposit money to complete the transaction. We will not begin processing any order until deposit money of $10 per book is received. Deposit is applied toward the final total.

Hi Reynold Jay,

I'm interested in the following comics chosen from your web site and would like to having 'em certified by CGC.
Titles                                                 CGC Grade

  I will accept other grades      ___
  I will not accept other grades___

Be sure we know who you are with all correspondence. Use REPLY MAIL so
everything is there for us whenever you discuss your order.
Send Payment to:
Reynold Jay
3024 Blossom Circle.
Saginaw, Michigan 48603


Foreign orders accepted with PAYPAL  only for most sales.  We will bill you 2 times: one for the item, and another for the exact shipping + $1handling fee. Indicate method of shipment Air, Surface or uninsured ( under 2 lbs only) parcel. Request shipping guide( for estimates only)  for reaching your decision. Large orders are handled individually and terms of payment will vary.

Canada shipping: If you elect no insurance( your risk) $19.50 fee to ship one certified comic IN HEAVY DUTY BOX.


 Be sure we know who you are with all correspondence. Use REPLY MAIL so
everything is there for us whenever you discuss your order.
Send Payment to:
Reynold Jay
3024 Blossom Circle
Saginaw, Michigan 48603

 PAYPAL accepted here. account email.


Collectors who wish to collect a  20 year old series in 9.6 and 9.8 are finding that dealers are simply offering #1 when they can and not much else. For example, if a collector wished to collect  Crisis on Infinite Earths, they might find key issues 7 and 8 readily available however the others just don't seem to magically appear. In many instances a collector could send in his own collection to be certified and hope for the ultra grades.

Searching eBay and dealers shelves for the missing issues isn't going to work in most instances. Dealers tend to go for the easy sale and offer the items that have a wide appeal. Few customers are interested in collecting complete runs of CGC comics as they are expensive and cannot be easily read.

However, for collectors who wish to collect a run of comics can do so by special ordering here. Visit our special order page which is informal and send in your request. No up front moneys are required and the price is set in our price list page.  Special orders are now over 50% of our entire business and if trends continue, it will eventually be 90% of our activity. This means that most customers who collect 20 year old books in 9.8 will either special order or search endlessly on eBay for books that will never appear.

Expect fewer thinly traded books to be offered at eBay. We'll  be concentrating on working with serious collectors completing their collections.

We will offer X-Men and Amazing Spider-man runs to collectors from our inventory of certified comics. There are many collectors of these issues and special orders , in many instances will not be necessary. However, if a collector cannot find a particular issue in the marketplace, that person could simply bring it to our attention and we'd be sure to place it into our pipeline.    


 We do offer starter collection offerings for many 70's and 80's titles. For example BATTLE STAR GALACTICA  has many faithful followers who would like all 23 issues published in 1979. We offer 1-10 from our inventory and can offer the rest of the set to anyone who would take the time to special order these. What are the odds of finding issues 11-23 at eBay? Well... about zilch. A quick look at the CGC data base will indicate that these are nearly non-existent and most that are there clock in at 9.2 or so.  In fact we know that nearly every B.G. in the data base came from  our inventory.  


When it's time to get serious with your collection and complete those runs, plan to drop us a note about your plans and we'll begin working for you filling the gaps. Expect long 3-5 month waiting periods and fair prices. We'll always quote you fair prices before you make any decision and work with a time plan that will fit your budget too. For example, if you were ordering 11-23 BG , you might want 3-5 issues at a time. 

It's likely we will ask you to make some purchases from our inventory before we begin the pipeline with your issues, simply because we don't want to be left holding the bag when items arrive. Your upfront purchases are an indication that you plan to follow through when the ordered comics arrive. We charge no pre-order fees , so we are really trusting our customers to make the payments and take delivery when the special orders arrive.

Only recently  have we been willing to take orders for the 9.8 grades. We are now fairly experienced in obtaining the ultra grades and can pretty much obtain 9.8 for most anything in our raw inventory. It's not an easy task to obtain this grade as it's likely we will submit several issues in your behalf in order to get the 9.8. We pay all kinds of special fees  and work closely with CGC in order to secure comics for our customers.

                           How To Add To Your Order /Place your order
Simply E-mail your extra comix order by listing the comics you wish to purchase.
We will send a Pay Pal invoice. Make the payment and your order is complete.

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Call (989) 401-3122 to leave messages with answering machine. We do not answer unless arrangements are made first with email correspondence.  
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