Storage and Shelving of Comix

       Comics should be stored in a manner in which no damage will occur. They should be easily accessible. If stored in a basement, always keep everything stored off the floor because of possible water damage. If stored in a basement, invest in a de-humidifier in order keep the comics free from excessive humidity.

    Store either flat in boxes or standing upright. If storing in piles, be sure everything is in aphabetical/numerical order. Handle carefully when filling an order .

       If  you wish your comics to be standing upright as most collectors do, develop a system that protects the comics from falling down. This system is preferred as the comics are easily accessible when filling an order. Most often a small box or hardcover book can be inserted into your box to fill gaps. Keep comics close together such that they will hold themselves in position without incurring damage. Pay careful attention to the first and last comics in a box. You may wish to insert card boards between the box and the first comic to offer extra protection for this comic. In order to position books tightly, you simple place the comix box on its end. Comics will be pulled by gravity to one end while you load it from the other. Be sure boxes are clean and not mis-shapped  or damaged.

Protect the first and last comics in each box by bagging and boarding those copies. Comics in the center will  not require boards or bags. Place the cover on the comic box while in storage. If a box has run out of space and you want to add a handful of comics, simply bag and place them across the top of the other comics. Be sure they lay flat on will not be damaged. Then replace cover of the comic box. Note that you may place several comics in a single bag. Silver-Age size bags will hold ten comics. You may wish to lay 5 comics in one direction and five with the spines in the opposite direction in a single bag.

 Use cardboard comic boxes available at any comic shop. If you purchase 10 at a time, ask for a 20% discount which is pretty close to wholesale. BIC may be able to send you boxes if you do not have a nearby comic shop. Inquire.

Inexpensive shelving you
can build yourself in two hours.
Constructing your shelving
Build from pine lumber and 2 1/2" finishing nails
Use 1X12 for end piece
or Use 1X10 and leave a gap between boards.
1X4 for everything else.
1. Lay 2 each, 1X12 on flat surface(floor)side by side.
2. Nail or bolt together with 1X4 strips(B) cut to 22-24"
   1X4's should be cut to match the edge of the 1X12's.
3. Place 1X4 strips 15" apart across the 1X12's and nail to the 1X12's. Bend over nails if they go all the way through. Bolting and counter-sinking is better system, not required.
Your shelves will sit on these strips later.
4. Nail more 1x4 together to construct C and D above. These are supports that must be used every 4 or 5 feet from the end units. Measure to match  height of the 1x4's on the end units.Construct "back side only" and fit in the front pieces after the shelves are in place.
5. Place shelves in place. 2 people often need to do this or work against a wall to hold up one side while you nail the other in place. Use only 2 nails for each shelf so that units can be easily disassembled.
6. Place C and D in place and nail front pieces at this time.
7. Nail an extra 1X4 (not pictured) across the back from the top of one shelf at 45 degree angle(or so) to the bottom of  D. Nail this piece to the back of each each shelf it touches. This is a brace that will keep your shelves from collapsing!
Shelves can be any length you wish. 8' to 15' are common sizes.
Purchase 1X12's cut to the length you need. No further cutting should be needed on 1X12's.

Packaging Comics for Shipment.

   Use any boxes that seem to fit the comics. Comics are 6 1/2" X 10 1/4".1 X 8X10 would the smallest, with 2 X 10 X 12 a good size. 3X12X12 is a size that weighs around  one pound and gives plenty of protection during shipping of up to 20-30 comics.
   After using up free boxes that were sitting around your house, you'll eventually need to purchase new boxes. Call any supplier in the yellow pages listed under packaging or boxes. Plan to purchase 25 or 50 at a time for 50-75 cents each. If you go to an office supply store or anywhere else , expect prices to be double! Get a rubber stamp made with your address on it to stamp your corner address on the box. Purchase a tape dispenser (dry system) and a roll of clear packaging tape. Buy a high quality tape( like 3M) as the cheaper stuff will cause you problems.

     Wrap your comix as though they were fine china and a Christmas present to your grandmother.It's a good idea to place a cardboard on each end of a group of comics for extra protection. Wrap like you would a Christmas present with newspaper instead of wrapping paper. Place wadded newspaper on the bottom  of the box so that the comics are cushioned in the middle of the box. Place invoices and charge card slips in package too.

       Address the box using no abbreviations with a black felt- tipped maker before taping up. Stamp your return address in the upper left corner. Double check the address for inverted numbers, double numbers, and letters that are difficult to read. Print 4th class special rate . Shake the box when you are done to make sure everything is secure and not moving around inside. Obtain insurance slips from the post office and fill out and attach with tape to the top of the box. Green slips for under $50 and others for over $50. Always insure for the full amount. If comics are worth $20, insure for $50. In the event of a claim collect the $50. If  the order was paid with a check and you plan to wait 10 days before shipping, place the shipping date in very small letters somewhere on the box and place it in your holding area.