"No Extra Shipping Fee for adding a Second item" is for USA only.

Foreign Sales are not included in this offer.

Free shipping for purchasing 5 or more certified comics in USA and Canada.

Offer for a discount for 5 items has been discontinued.



Pay only when you want it shipped within 24 hours.

The rule is that sellers must ship an item within twenty-four hours after payment. This seems simple enough; however if you wish to bid/purchase in another auction the next day, this means that your items will not be combined for shipping savings.


Write if you have a concern about international shipping. If you make an international purchase and the price seems to be in error, it may very well be. Not every listing has been updated accurately. In the end, we'll get it right for you. Some listings mention a certificate being included and that has been discontinued.


CGC and PGX Shipping               

Make PAYPAL payment to Back Issue Comix.  Simply add $13.00 ( includes $100 insurance) in USA. NO CHECKS accepted. Everything shipped in heavy duty box and packed securely. We reserve the right to adjust ship fee when USPS rates change. USPS surcharges will be extra.  Please note that 10% of shipping fees are eBay sales fees. We must charge 10% over our costs in order to pay the eBay fees. Most everything is shipped USPS Priority with tracking included.


Multiple Purchases

Domestic and International

Use the ADD TO CART button. When you have completed shopping, begin the checkout process, however do not pay until your are sent an invoice with the proper shipping fees. Your fees will be calculated by a human (usually with the hour)( 10 AM. -10:00 PM).   Click the button that requests a final invoice. In the event you wish to pay before  the final invoice is sent, you will receive a REFUND in your PAY PAL account of your over payment. It is done automatically. You do not need to request a refund.


International Shipments can be easily arranged: Buyers will be given an estimate of shipping fees and various options.  Many countries: No insurance $26 at your own risk. Airmail insured estimate $40 in most instances. We will charge you $26. Additional comics added to your order are usually around $12 each. Please note that 10% of shipping fees are eBay sales fees. We must charge 10% over our costs in order to pay the eBay fees. Note that Great Britain has  added a duty fee to all items including GIFTS!

2 certified comics: $39
3 certified comics  $65
5 certified comics  $85

We reserve the right to refuse shipping to various countries. We will not ship to Russia, Middle Eastern countries, Libya, and Italy.

PAYPAL only .We will overcharge you and refund the balance after the item is shipped. You agree to make second payment to our account if we underestimate the shipping fee.

CANANDA  USPS postal raised its rates recently and it is now Canada S/H: $19.50 fee to ship ( 1or 2) certified comic in a heavy duty box. $43 for 3 Certified comics. $ for 4 certified comics. $56  for 5. 65 for 6.


Bid only if you intend to fully make payment within three days. Details will be included with your invoice.

  Included in your winning bid is information about Back Issue Comix and the certified comics world records we have set for quality. See "About Me" page for more info. You will be enrolled in our exclusive weekly email letter that gives you the inside scoop on the world of certified comics. 

Regular Comics:

Shipping for non-certified Collector Comics


 SHIPPING USA S/H is $6 INSURED USA for 1-2 comics. All comics shipped USPS in NEW sturdy heavy-duty mailing box. PAYPAL accepted. Price for sets vary and usually $13 for 10 comics. Orders will be consolidated  automatically for you into one shipment and save on ship fees. Media rate is not allowed for comic books as they contain advertising and do not qualify. Do not request media rate.