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RJ wishes to tell you that it is likely that more issues are available to you from the series you recently ordered.


Titles with extensive issues available:

Alien & Predator several mini-series waiting for interested collectors

Battlestar Galactica


Black Panther

Captain America

Captain Britain #1 (9.6) 1977 and 1983

Cloak and Dagger ( Both mini- series)



Deathlok ( We are adding more all the time) ( Great response!)

Harvey titles: Woody Woodpecker: Felix the Cat and many more

Iron Man

~ Jim Lee art in many series ~

John Carter, Warlord of Mars


Marvel Spotlight/ Marvel Premiere ( #38 9.8! (Weird World)

Moon Knight. including V2 Marc Specter

New Mutants ( #18 sold out/ more to arrive)

Power Pack ( #1 in 9.8 Arrives in a few days)

Punisher War Journal: Jim Lee issues!

Spider Woman

Star Wars


Transformers and Transformer mini series

Uncle Scrooge and most all Disney titles you could ever hope to find, including golden-age

Web of Spider-Man ( We will be adding around 20 new books soon)

 Wolverine ( Adding more next month)

X-Titles: X-Men, Classic X-Men, X-Force

 X-Factor 1-72 made available in CGC format for the first time. # 71 New Team Key Issue on hand



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 2 RJ books on sale today!

$2.99  Kindle Book sale: Gold of Mansa Musa Romantic Thriller ends today! Book 2 in the Seeds from Heaven series.

$2.99 Kindle Book sale Seeds from Heaven begins today! (final book in Christian series) What if a modern day Messiah dropped in from heaven today?


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        Mansa Musa plans the hajj from Timbuktu to Mekka which includes and entourage of 60, 000, and 100 camels loaded with 300 pounds of gold in the year 1534. Two members of the caravan become lost and the camel becomes lame. They decide to leave four chests in the Eye of the Elephant precipice in Libya and draw a map.

      Ci is the talented and beautiful daughter of  Raymond Lancaster, self-made wealthy CEO of present day RL enterprises. Having just graduated from college she searches for her identity in a grown-up world--a world fraught with danger and intrigue. In her first venture from Springfield she embarks with her boyfriend Quentin Crockett and Ramazani a mysterious Bantu business associate for the excursion to  Egypt to visit the tourist attractions and to go on a "dig" with Quentin's archeologist father, Professor Crockett who works at Bacchias, a third rate attraction near Cairo.

     Professor Crockett and his friend the antique dealer Amr stumble upon an ancient African Parchment  and become partners in the wealth that it may bring. Amr is tortured and killed by the giant Russian henchman Dr. Ivan Vladmir and sets off to kill Professor Crockett who is holding the Parchment. 

       Detective Ahman El Saadawi, an Egyptian homicide detective from Cairo visits the antique shop and begins the investigation. He soon discovers that a radical cult leader  Abrirashid ali Pashas is behind the murder and attempts to thwart the plan to murder the Professor for the African Parchment and the treasure of Mansa Musa.

      The adventure begins when  Ci and Quentin arrive in Cairo where they are swept into a web of intrigue that leads them throughout Egypt as they attempt to make sense of  the murder of Quentin's father. They decide to find the whereabouts of the Parchment and then search for the treasure more for the memory of Quentin's father than the wealth. They are taken into confidence with the Secret Service and become a part of a plan to save Egypt from the gathering army on the Libyan border that uses the Pyramid of Ra, God of the Sun as its stronghold. Detective Ahman is drawn into the intrigue and acts as a double agent and body guard as the trio is threatened by the brutal giant Russian henchman. 

      Ci and Quentin discover more about themselves and the path to love as they are confronted with obstacles  deceit, and double-crosses. Nobody can be trusted, nothing is ever as it appears and the fanatical Russian and the Brothers of the Falcon dog their steps at every turn. Ci reaches deep within herself to find a courage and resilience that was unknown until she was drawn into this adventure.

      This gritty international adventure which will make you laugh and weep is a captivating tale of romance and adventure.

The Gold of Mansa Musa   138,000 Words 3 maps, Glossary included


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