UNCLE SCROOGE:THE Magnificient Seven :

 Set #8

Includes 2 ea 9.9 MINT certified Comics!

   We have sent in our 8th serious batch  of UNCLE SCROOGE and we have seven outstanding comics to offer. A quick look through the STANDARD CATALOGUE OF COMICS indicates these, and set #1-7  are the only UNCLE SCROOGE to obtain this grade. To the best of our knowledge, these seven comics ( and set #1-7 ) are the  highest grade set of  UNCLE SCROOGE comics in the world. In fact, other than these eight sets, no other 9.8 grades exists ( 2 exceptions) for the entire 40 year run! Now that is fabulous indeed.

These are not random issues at all. FAMOUS key issues and fab Carl Barks ( now deceased) stories  are found here.

#Walt Disney Giant #1 Gladstone 1995 this book considered by many to be the most collectible scrooge comic of the last two decades. Don Rosa begins a 12 issues series. Goldie seems to like Scrooge today.

#195 : Whitman issue  3/82 second in  this set with  the most popular cover of the last 30 years! Barks authorized a 200 limited edition wall piece that featured a photo and signed copies of this comic several years before his untimely death. Everything was placed into a frame and designed to be hung on a wall.

210 9.9 Mint PGX First Gladstone issue is often a key issue in any Scrooge collection. Own the one best copy in the world.
This and other issues offered here were sparsely distributed. Back cover on all the following feature Barks poster ads with classic art taken from key golden age issues. This issue best in the world.
211 9.9 MINT PGX The Prize of Pizzaro another all barks issue is 2nd issue of the Gladstone series and this one best in world.
213 9.8 CGC issue features a popular cover and Shangri-la story  by barks. 
214 9.8 CGC with Scrooge found at the end of the rainbow hoping to find the treasure.
215 9.8 CGC Cover by Daan Jippes with an all Barks story 1987.

      This historic collection represents the only 9.8 and 9.9 grades ever achieved for this series to the best of our knowledge. The 2nd issue(195) is a real find from our achieves dating back over a quarter century. It's hard to believe that it is nearly twenty-five years since the publication of the comics from this collection. One lucky collector will own this. Good luck to all. 


       Each comic is accompanied with a Magnificent Seven Certificate. The certificates will be individually produced and incorporate the name of the 1st owner of each comic. CIRC 70'S AND 80'S   GORGEOUS AND ABSOLUTELY FINEST GRADE EVER!. IF YOU COLLECT THE BEST, THIS IS IT! THIS COLLECTION  IS ONE-OF-A-KIND 9.8  BEST IN THE WORLD. UNBELIEVABLE GRADE FOR A SET OF THIS VINTAGE! ONE COLLECTION / ONE WINNER. 0NE WORLD CLASS COLLECTOR WILL OWN THIS.

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These issues are from BicComix UN-CIRCULATED NM+ and SOLID MINT Collection. Everything guaranteed to look brand new in everyway and could quite possibly be among the finest copies anywhere. This comic was purchased at the time it was published directly from the distributor and placed in storage until now. Comics were never on display at any convention or store shelf and are guaranteed to be unhandled by prospective customers.

We Thank EBAY BIDDERS for visiting a BicComix auction! 


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