12 Songs by Doctor Jay, & the Guardians of Time. Two children's Songs used in the Library and School  presentations and 10 songs that adults might enjoy. $5.00+ $1 media rate shipping fee. ( or free shipping with book order) See the video above for "Cute Little Stone." We will post a music video "Goody Goody Gumdrop" soon.

The Karaoke version contains all the music of the first CD and 9 Karaoke tracks, fun for singing along and makes nice background music too. Aretha Franklin backup signers are heard through all the songs. Lyrics are included. $7.00+ $1.00 media rate shipping fee. ( or free shipping with book order)

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A Passing Stranger by Reynold Jay

Songs by Reynold Jay are now available

on 33 1/3 Vintage album

Reynold Jay's

Passing Stranger  (& Doctor Jay and the Guardians of Time song List)


  1. Deep Blue Water ( click to listen)
  2. Paint me a Promise ( listen and a story)
  3. Passing Stranger
  4. Politick’n*
  5. Tangled in Love
  6. Member of the Band
  7. Passion of the Night
  8. Cute Little Stone*
  9. Sleepwalker
  10. Sweet Apple Ballad ( listen and story)
  11. Plain Black Cover
  12. Goody Goody Gumdrop

* Bonus songs included on the CD

Go to RJ's HUB social site and listen to some of the songs. You can also go to U-Tube and search for the titles.

 Passing Stranger 33 1/3 album $24.95 includes shipping USA

Write RJ and send your address immediately upon payment. Credit cards not accepted. Send a check  or money order to 3024 Blossom Circle, Saginaw, MI. 48603.

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