Hello and Happy New Year!! 
     Hope this email finds you doing well. It is always a pleasure to see your auctions on ebay and I enjoy looking over your web page still. It is great to know your doing so well on ebay and with your comics in general. Doesn't seem that long ago that we sat and chatted about the benefits of possibly putting your comics up on ebay :) I enjoy reading your forum and I think many of your articles are excellent.

         I certainly agree with you in the fact that grading some of the less popular titles makes for a great investment. I've had good luck sending in many of my books and thanks to some of your tips I can say I have yet to receive any graded comic at less than a 9.2. I even have a few of "best in the world" GI JOE comics myself :) Your tips for buying comics have certainly paid off as I've had great luck in buying large quantities of items like Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate X-Men, Origin, etc.  At any rate, I look forward to visiting again with you hopefully in the near future and I wish you continued success with your wonderful business and comics. Take care and Happy New Year!!!


     You know, I forgot to mention that I also think that your collection should deserve a pedigree. I've seen firsthand the quality of your collection and there could be no question that your books are of the "pedigree" caliber. With the amount of entries and best in the world CGC books you have, I wonder if this would be possible. It would certainly be a testament to your hard work, care, and love of comics over the years. I don't know how the process works, but I would certainly write any "satisfied customer" testimonial necessary. At any rate, talk to you soon and best of luck. I'll certainly be looking forward to any CGC JOE comics that you have graded. To me every GI JOE comic is a wonderful key issue. Thanks again!!!!
 Dan     Midland Michigan

RJ  responds

Thanks for kind words. I'd agree that every GI Joe is a comic treasure. I've always felt and enjoyed so called fill-in issues as much or more than key issues. That's one reason why complete runs are offered here rather than just key issues. With CGC , I feel that any comic with a COOL cover deserves the plastic frame. The GI Joe's are loaded with action covers and I can't think of a single issue that  should not be slabbed.

The Pedigree thing is somewhat reserved for Silver-Age and Golden-Age collections. If a bronze-age collection deserved recognition, the collection here is proving to be the hands-down winner. I've always felt that the main reason to hype a collection as pedigree is to charge more for the issues than they are really worth. Ahhh. Greed at its ugly worst.