Seeds from Heaven

Part  Three of the Trilogy
Seeds from Heaven ( The origin)

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The series premise:
God sees that much of his creation has withered and died. His last hope is that Earth can be saved and is perhaps all that can be salvaged. He sets upon a desperate plan in which he sends seeds to Earth that are mankind’s hope for survival. He sends an archangel to assist the four seeds, the three generations of the Lancaster family.
The Lancaster’s are unaware of their celestial powers or that they are “seeds” with a godly mission. They go about their lives believing they are ordinary American citizens in a modern day world. Each Lancaster experiences life quite differently and it is only with age that each begins to understand their unique relation with a higher power. The stories of self-discovery show the struggles that each encounters as they make their way in a world that is challenging them at every turn.


Seeds from Heaven
   Archeologist, Richard Lancaster has a bedside talk with his ten year old son before setting off for Africa and ends up stranded in a lost jungle mountain valley from which there is no escape. He meets the fair skinned Mwana who nurses him back to health. Richard becomes a savior of the warring tribes and unites them into one tribe that begins the building of Zuva MuZi in a huge mountain cave that is accessible only by a perilous ledge a half mile up the abyss. He repairs his aircraft and trains others to make daily trips to Berbera a port city nearby. Three decades pass as he builds a jungle empire all the while haunted with the fear that his son will hate him for abandonment when he reunites with his son.  
The Son :

On the surface they were an ordinary family—a typical family that went about living their lives struggling to build a life for themselves in an average American modern-day town. Raymond Lancaster’s archeologist father disappeared when he was a child and his mother now gone found himself alone in an indifferent world. From impoverished beginnings he propelled himself to modest wealth building RL Enterprises into an international conglomerate. He lived peacefully, blissfully with his loving wife Susan, his college sweetheart, and his son and daughter never anticipating that everything would come crashing to an abrupt end.  
  His wife begins to notice things about Raymond and informs him that she believes he has been chosen by God for some greater purpose. Susan then is taken from him in a tragic accident. Now alone with Ci and Raymond Jr., Lancaster lives a life of quiet introspection, remembers his wife’s dying words then sets out upon a journey into the wilds of deepest Africa in order to discover what happened to his father some thirty years before.  
The Holy Quest

He quickly discovers that his father survived a crash in Northern Africa and had become an African legend—a living god—among the Bantu tribes and created the hidden city Zuva MuZi in the Ogo mountains. He is taken into the jungle city where his father now called Suma Rungu, the Good God, instructs him on using his hidden “gift” that both appear to possess. Lancaster meets the beautiful Iisha, who believes that his father is a prophet and that Lancaster may very well be one too. They marry and Raymond soon gives up his identity as a Lancaster and realizes he is destined to become a spiritual leader and sets out to reshape the world as the Third Prophet.
Ci and Raymond Jr. (Ra-tu) the third generation of Lancaster’s continue the legacy and the dream of their father and grandfather to unite the world in peace. You’ll share in their triumphs—and the failures they encounter as they struggle to reshape the world.
You will travel the globe over the three generations and come to jeer the evil Al-Qaeda leader Abdullaha Aal-Ghazi and his brother Alemayehu who plot to destroy the entire Lancaster family. Then follow the Third Prophet to the Vatican for behind the scenes discussions with Pope Ferdinand and witness the conversation that changes the world. Visit the holy land of Mecca and hear the inspiring words of Mohammad Raziq, the leader of the Muslim world.
Magnificent spectacle on the grandest scale abounds with lavish unimagined pageantry and ceremonies that will touch your heart. Share in the intimate moments of a family that loves and sacrifices for each other and then extends that love to encompass the world. You will come to love all these grand characters as the world has loved them and with any luck it could very well change the way in which you view the world.

Who are the readers? : Anyone who reads religious international thrillers would enjoy this. This project encompasses sites in America, Europe, Africa,  and the Middle East with characters of all colors and faiths. Stories are always big concepts in which presidents, popes, and kings are eventually brought into the story. 

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