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Should I Discount In
Order to Draw Customers?

      You probably should do this or you will lose much of your business. Few collectors will want to pay the full price. Most collectors will be happy to purchase at 50%-60%  discounts for items they really want. Plan to sell most issues with a 50% discount and offer incentives at larger discounts too.

     Am I dealing with a reputable dealer?

       Yes. You may request a list of happy customers, and we'll give you the address of our bank, and accountant. Our company receives a customer satisfaction award each year from the Comic Buyers Guide that may be viewed on our Monthly Special page.

       Can I run this business with no computer skills?

      You would be where Reynold Jay was in 1999 . He began the business without a computer and had no skills either. Back Issue Comix will help set up your site for you and run it while you learn to run the site. In a few weeks or months, you'll be able to run your own site.

    I have computer skills and wonder what is the best way to set up my internet site?

    Simply copy the pages or titles you are stocking and selling from the BIC site. BIC can make up custom art logos for you. Place the site into one folder on your hard drive. Obtain a domain name to protect your business name.

     What titles should I carry?

    Use the list below. These are listed  in  order of
importance. Inquire for exact list for each title.
First three titles have detailed lists on page 3.

   Suggested Beginners Internet Store 

Old answer left intact however is no longer the way to operate. New way to operate is to simply purchase anything in bulk at a good price and re-sell one at a time. Lists are left for you to see as these are the titles that sell the best. Stay away from 90's collections  and collections that are not Marvel and DC. Valiant and Image comics will waste your time. Many collections are advertised as "No duplicates" however duplicates can be a good thing as you are interested in selling( not reading) and can expect a great price with duplicates. However you don't want 100 each of something that is  going to be difficult to sell. If negotiating a deal for something of questionable value , consider yourself a "junk dealer." Calculate that you can sell 100 junk comics for $10. How to pay for this junk? "I'll haul this away for free."  Be prepared to walk away from sellers who want too much.

Note: Our dealer discount program has been somewhat discontinued.
If you wish to get started with an order, please order the individual
comics you want or copy and paste an entire set etc. We'll quote you
an extra discount for a large order. Note: business is doing so well
at the higher prices we hate to sell anything at wholesale!
Here are the sets you need to get started
presented in order of importance to you.
Set 1                        1 of Each       2 of each   3 of each
Uncanny X-Men             632.00          1264.00    1896.00
Amazing Spiderman        363.75            727.50     1091.25
Starwars                          800.00          1600.00     2400.00
Fantastic Four                 105.00            210.00       315.00
Avengers                        196.00            392.00       588.00
Ironman                          132.50            265.00       397.50
Daredevil                          44.00              88.00       132.00
Peter Parker Spect.Spi   210.25            420.50       630.75
Web of Spiderman*        151.75            303.50       455.25
*#1 not included
Total                 2635.25    5270.50 7905.75
.    .    .    .    .   .    .    .   .    .    .
Set 2 Here are the
titles that will get your
internet store moving fast!
Alien VS Preditor        6.50
Alien Worlds             12.00
Alpha Flight               25.00
Amazing X-Men          5.75
Astonishing X-Men     6.75
Batman VS Preditor  10.50
Bishop                          6.00
Cable                          17.75
Classic X-Men           94.75
Conan                         74.75
Crisis on Infinite E.    31.50
Battlestar Galactica   16.50
Ghost Rider                33.63
Incredible Hulk        107.25
Infinity Gauntlet          9.00
Jonah Hex                  73.00
Judge Dredd              84.50
Legend of D. Knight 29.25
Lobo                             8.50
Marvel Comics Pre.. 47.38    See  the    web-site
Marvel Fanfare         27.25    for the exact issues
Marvel Premiere       31.00    included   in   these
Official M Universe   17.00   wholesale     prices.
Master of Kung Fu  105.50
Micronauts                42.88
Moonknight               68.00
New Mutants           171.50
New Teen Titans       81.50
Omega Men              15.25
New T.Titan Spotlt   10.25
Punisher                     88.00
Preditor                       8.00
Saga of Swamp Thing82.88
Secret Wars              25.75
Shogun Warriors       15.25
Sleepwalker              24.63
Spiderman                 85.00
Spiderman 2099        12.00
Thor                          70.50
What If? (1 and 2)   130.00
Wolverine                205.00
X-Factor                 151.88
X-Force                    33.13
Spawn (1-25)            88.25
X-Men                     41.00
X-Men Annuals        27.75
Total           2522.29

Let's set up a
Internet Store Together!

      Give Reynold Jay a call or E-mail your questions. He knows its a big commitment on your part and that it would be a big decision to start an internet business. Reynold's internet business is only 4 years  old too, so he knows what you may be feeling. Sales of books and computer software are considered to be the best selling items on the internet. This could be the niche for you!
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If you think you wish to talk more about this with Reynold Jay, please E-Mail or call and he will answer all your questions. Thanks for reading to the end!

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