THE OFFICIAL GREEN LANTERN RING.  This was offered in the early 90's during a Green Lantern Promotion. It emits an invisible beam as a beacon for Super Heroes ...Yada , Yada , Yada. We absoulutely guarentee that the beam is invisible to mere mortals. In the event the beam is visible, or can be detected  with a scientific instrument,  it may be returned for a full refund .  Ring will glow in the dark if held up to a light source for 1/2 minute. Errie! <P>

 This large, one size fits all, hard green plastic (with the glow-in-the-dark center) Green Lantern power ring was a promotional item distributed  by DC Comices in conjunction with the release of the "Green Lantern - Mosaic" comic book in the early 1990's. This is a super collectible which is becoming more difficult to locate every day. This ring is brand new and has  never been used to battle any costumed villans, etc. A genuine must for the true Green Lantern fan.

ISSUE 31 is, of course, the original source for these rings!
You may note that they were bargain priced, however are
still quite a value when considering the amazing power of these rings.

BONUS PIN BACK BUTTON! This is the official button that matches the ring. The button is made to be pinned on your shirt. It has an illustration of the ring  ( POWER BATTERY) upon a white background. COOL!
Only 11.95 Ring and Pin Set ... shipping $2.50 Insured USA