Foreign Shipping Policy

We have a system here that works well for everyone and you are guaranteed lowest possible fee for shipping. I'll give you an ESTIMATE of your shipping fee . You would pay this estimated fee and then adjustments are made after the item is shipped. IF the actual shipping fee is within $1.00 of the estimate, no further adjustment is required . Fee charged to you is actual international postal fee + $1.50 handling fee. Your acceptance of placing an order is also an agreement to make a second payment if the estimate is low. If the estimate is high, you will receive a refund.

You will receive a report the day your package is shipped and adjustment payment by one of us is made immediately.

Make PAY PAL payment to . Money order and cashier's checks accepted. NO CHECKS accepted. Everything shipped in heavy duty box and packed securely. One day shipping.


The actual fee for shipping is unknown until I step up to the window and pay the fee. At one time I would make two trips to the post office. During the first trip, I would simply have the item weighed and the fee calculated. Then I would report this to the customer, collect the fee and then return to the post office. Imagine my disbelief that the fees were ALWAYS DIFFERENT from the original weigh in! Sometimes as much as $10.

Fees vary daily depending upon currency exchange rates and international postal fee updates.

The fee is an unknown factor in every foreign transition.

I hope this helps you understand why your credit card AND PAY PAL helps us greatly in shipping this item to you. If you have any further concerns or questions, please write and I'll do my best to help you anyway I can.

Reynold Jay