A Time of Crisis

 ~ Reynold Jay ~


One can learn a lot watching Fox News during the Corona Virus pandemic.

On Monday, March 15 Laura Ingraham interviewed a doctor from New York that said the 70 year-old Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine  appeared to be working well in curing patients who were in the hospitals with the Corona Virus. He said they were so happy with it that most all the doctors were prescribing it.

In a later broadcast ( the next day as far as I remember) a patient who had called in his family for a final goodbye was given the drug at the insistence of a prayer line. He fell asleep and woke at 4:30 AM with all the symptoms having disappeared.

By Wednesday this must have been brought to President Trump's attention as he called it a "Possible game changer!" Doctor Fauci stepped forward and explained that various cures were being developed and in a year or so all would be well.

Doctor Fauci appeared on Ingraham's program on Tuesday March 23 and she asked,
 "Would you take
hydroxychloroquine if YOU were diagnosed with the Corona Virus?"

"Only if it were a part of a clinical trial..."

I took that as a "No" as did Laura and she did not press him on the issue. This did not surprise me. This man was the "Swamp Doctor" a highly respected doctor who stood at  President Trump's side during all the press conferences who stuck to the rules he had used all his life and this was no time  to waver. I wondered if he currently had any patients at all! It appeared to me that the death of thousands of individuals meant nothing to this man.

Five minutes later another doctor who was busy saving lives stepped forward in the following segment and Laura asked the same question. "Yes!" he answered and all his associate doctors were busy saving patients with hydroxychloroquine. He reported that recovery was 100% and there was no reason not to use it. He reported that as fast as patients arrived, they gave the miracle drug and everyone recovered in a day or so. Day after day I viewed doctors parading before the cameras all proclaiming the miraculous drug.

I had already calculated on March 16 that anyone who died after this "game changer" information was a victim of negligence on the part of the medical community.  A pharmaceutical company donated 3 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the medical community early in March. 

A little internet research indicated that a five million doses were prescribed in the USA annually for all kinds of medical afflictions like  lupus erythematosus, rheumatic disorders, rheumatoid arthritisporphyria cutanea tarda, and Q fever. A little further research indicated the drug had been upgraded over the years in "approved clinical trials" such that the ill-effects somewhat ( not entirely) had disappeared.

I now wonder why they need tens of thousands of ventilators when hydroxychloroquine cures the victims in around 8-10 hours? I did notice that New York has the highest rate of infections and attribute it to the subway cars that everyone uses to get to and from work each day. I viewed a scene in which the passengers were piled like sardines in the subway. Where was the six-foot social distance rule when you needed it? In the mid-west we all have automobiles and drive around by ourselves as to not infect a passenger.

Tiny decisions can make a world of difference in one's life. If President Trump had a medical advisor with an open mind, tens of thousands would not be suffering and dying now. Fortunately, I imagine that  doctors are quietly prescribing the drug as needed to their patients without Fauci's blessing. One wonders, did Fauci, (some might call the Doctor of Death) know about hydroxychloroquine when the pandemic began?

I suspect so.

It would be difficult not to know when five million doses are given out annually since 1955-- and millions more throughout the world.

One must forgive the errors of the past. As individuals we must insist this inexpensive ( $25 wholesale for a month) oral pill be made available to ourselves and our loved ones.

It can be administered at home--no reason to visit a hospital. All could be done with a phone call.

No medical masks, no hospital bed, no ventilator....

One might ask...

How many would be alive right now if not for Doctor Fauci at President Trump's side? We have been blessed with a miracle drug. We need only open our hearts and minds to use it. Some would say it was a gift from God that protects everyone of us.



When will we ever learn?

The answer my friend


 Dust in the wind....



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