Highlights from CGC data can be found on this page in alphabetical order. Data is always changing as new comics submitted to CGC enter the record books. We like to mention earliest 9.9-10  and in many instances the earliest 9.8 issues in each series. If you want data from a series not listed, simply write and RJ will send you data compiled from the  Standard  Catalog of Comics. Data is current up to April of 2002.

 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN / All White Pages unless noted
9.9 issues are 272, 289, 297, 312-314, 316 . earliest 10.0 is 321. See Best of Best page for 3 of these.
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA / Starter set 1-10 offered here/ special order 11 up. All 9.8-10.0 issues from BIC . 9.9 #1, 10.0 #5. No issues 11-up have been certified. 

BRAVE AND BOLD / All except one 9.8 from this series came from BIC. Many offered here. Most are one-of-a-kind best ever. Many more available. Special order if you don't see it here. #141 is earliest 9.8 of record. #148 listed below is 2nd oldest 9.8 ever from this series.

DEFENDERS/ 120 issues graded in entire series . Only 1ea.  9.8 ever. This is it!
100 9.8 $79.50 /sold /reserve a copy

DESTROYER DUCK/ 7 ea #1 graded. 9.6 highest grade

4 and 6 are earliest 9.9 issues reported. 90% of 9.8 issues 1-20 from BIC

We also note that most offerings 117-149 are 9.0-9.2. A 9.6 -up is very scarce. 2002 update on this popular title with whiteness level noted for all. #150-160 arriving in 3 months.  oww = off-white to white. If no mention of whiteness is noted, it is white. Nice batch of all these to arrive at any moment. Many SOLD signs here as we plan to have these soon and can remove sold signs.
137 , 143, 145, 244, 283 are 9.9 reported. All came from BIC except the 137. See Best of Best page for photos.