Certified Comix Sold Here
Back Issue Comix  is now offering Certified Comics!
Every a-z comic is available for certification!
Comics now being offered for sale at the discount prices listed are 9.0 (NM-) or better. Expect these un-circulated comics to have obvious flaws; usually a dent or spine stress. In many instances, we may not have comics of this lower quality and will either give you a better book or advise you of the stock available.

If you wish to own comics graded 9.0-9.4 plan to pay the the discounted (usually around 30% off)  price listed in the 2nd column. These comics will contain various flaws.

If you wish to own a 9.6-9.8 (NM+ and better) graded issue, it can be sold to you either uncertified or "certified" at a negotiated price. Prices in first column are not guaranteed at this time as we are updating the list at this time.   These comics also contain minor flaws, however are nearly perfect. Prices will vary dramatically for these upper graded comics depending upon market current conditions determined by recent auctions at eBay. Expect any comic of this quality to cost $8 or more. In many instances we may not have lower quality issues to sell you. In the past we had been offering  these at very low prices. Back Issue Comix

I want the lower price noted in the right column. What do I do?
Simply place an order noting the lower prices you want. We'll advise on availability and set comics aside for you with guaranteed delivery.  Expect un-circulated comics graded 9.0  or better to arrive at your door.

I want the better comics without certification. How do I place an order?
First, make out your order and send  it to us.  Advise that you want the  NM+ (9.6-9.8) issues with the prices noted in the LEFT column. We'll advise on availability and set comics aside for you with guaranteed delivery. Many KEY issues are not available uncertified. Listings may not indicate this.

Secondly, you would evaluate the prices and place a firm order. Then we would pull these comics and guarantee delivery.

I want my comics certified by CGC. How do I place an order?
Go through the above steps of placing an order. Advise us that you are placing a certified comics order. We would send them to CGC for certification which would take 7-8 weeks in most instances before the comics would arrive at your door. No guarantee of delivery time can be made as the independent CGC Company could slow up the process as they can get behind on orders. Note that we would very likely send several comics to be graded to CGC in  the hope that one of them would match the grade you wanted. It's possible that none of them would  match your order and we would send out more books! In the event that CGC graded these above our expectations, it's likely we would forward the higher grade book to you at the previously agreed price. We plan to stock quite a few X-MEN, ASM and other key issues . If an asterisk (*) appears in a listing , it means that a recent auction determined the listed price. MORE INFO CLICK HERE

What about prices on the NM+ comics?
Prices will be determined by recent activity at eBay. As we begin accumulating CGC books, we'll post'm for sale at the web site. Expect to see 600 or more CGC books posted . You can save yourself the trouble of bidding on books and simply buy them direct at lower prices at BACK ISSUE COMIX. Prices listed however, are subject to change without notice.

 I want CGC 9.9- 10.00 graded books. How do I make a purchase?
This grade is too high to make any promises to customers. You could send your want list indicating this and we could advise you when a book becomes available. You could make an outright purchase or bid for it at eBay. We would advise you that an auction was underway.

If I send a list of comics that think I want, then discover the prices are too high for me,  am I under any obligation to make a purchase?
No. We expect you to make decisions that are in your own  best interest. We would not think any less of you for saying "No thanks."

How do I know the price for a CGC book will be fair?
You could check eBay yourself. Simply go to the comic section and punch in CGC completed auctions  and you'll see hundreds of current prices. We use a variety of systems to arrive at a fair price including info contained in THE STANDARD CATALOGUE OF COMIC BOOKS. This book offers a benchmark system for evaluating fair prices whenever there is no other sales of a particular issue.

I want a upper grade CGC comic book that really isn't hot in the market place  and is  priced under $5 at your site. How much is this going to cost me to order one?
Each comic is an individual decision. If there were no comics at eBay to compare it to, it's likely the book could cost around $29-$39 and up. We calculate $15 CGC fee plus shipping etc. for every certified book in order to certify it for you. You could probably do it yourself by ordering the book from us, and sending it to CGC. However they have a 4 comic minimum and the shipping and  handling fees are very high.   It would cost you more to do it yourself for only 4-6 books. See our price list CLICK HERE

If this price is too much for your pocketbook, simply order the book uncertified at a lower price ($5-$20) and tell yourself you'll get it certified another day. ( when you have a bigger pocketbook.)

I have more Questions. What do I do?

Send an email to Reynold Jay

Click here and ask questions.

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