Reynold Jay's Back Issue Comix recently received 2 Captain Canuck #1 graded 9.9 and 10.0.

These were published by Comely Comix in July of 75. Richard Comely story and art. 1st appearance of Bluefox. It is an interesting Winnipeg Canadian publication as the publisher cut comers on the color.It was not a complete color process and the inside colors are unusual to say the least. Both comics are the only MINT graded comics of record at the CGC data base. To the best of our knowledge, the 10.0 is the 2nd oldest 10.0 grade ever. This comic may be viewed at Back Issue Comix on BEST OF BEST page. Here is a listing of the pre-nineties comics that were blessed with a perfect grade by CGC.

1. Kolynos Presents the White Guard 1949 Whitehall Pharmacal

2. 1968 -Thor 156... 2 /1/2 underground comic (3) in black and white

3.1975 Captain Canuck #1

4. 1979 Battlestar Galactica #5

5. 1981 Kazar the Savage #7 Arrived May '05

6. 1982 Wolverine Limited Series 1

7. 1994 Vanguard Illustrated # 2

8 1988 Dr Strange - Sorcerer Supreme #1

9. 1989 Batman: The Killing Joke

10. 1989 Amazing Spider-Man 321

Issues  3-8 have come from our vaults. If this list is accurate, we have produced 60% of the oldest 10.0 comics published before 1990. We expect this number to be much higher by the end of the year and 80%-90% would not be out of reach for our unusual collection.

Reynold Jay doesn't ever expect to beat the #1 position as "We don't really submit many issues before 1975' It's likely the Captain Canuck will stand as the #4 record holder for many years.' Offers as high as $4,000 have been received.

"We also received a 10.0 Grade for DCs Zero Month Sampler published in 1994. We just happened to run across this in one of our vaults and thought it would be cool to submit this little gem. It's only 8 pages of advertising, however the art was gorgeous and we figured it would look nice in the CGC frame. It's hanging here in the office for now and we will eventually make it available to collectors"

A 10.0 Groo #I Image 1994 arrived recently. We had received a 9.9 in February and when we received the 10.0 in March, we could hardly contain our excitement. Any reader of Groo can appreciate something this nice. Simply amazing. It is our hope to produce the Pacific comics Groo from our vaults in this condition.

Hi RJ, Someone told we about your company freezing comics. Is this true? It seems a bit strange! Larry G / Minn.

RJ response : Yes it is true. We advertised our 'Frozen Comics - for many years when me called ourselves THE COMIC MINT. We make use of the cold Michigan weather to keep the heat and humidity from aging the books. During the winter our Michigan weather does this naturally. I don't advise everyone to do this as you could actually damage your comics.( Lots of details surround the de-freezing process). The lower temperatures keep the paper from aging dramatically. This is how we can advertise that are books are "Like stepping into a time machine." In the winter, we simply turn off the heat. At this very I moment, books are stored at -4 degrees, a typical Michigan temperature for winter evenings!