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If you are trying to find out ways to make a few dollars using the internet, you are not alone. You may be very confused with all the offers arriving in your E-Mail  after posting an ad on the internet. Most are pyrmid schemes with no product , or ways to speed up your ad posting process!

       The opening page where you entered the site is hosted by Webpost,  free of any fees or charges. Creating that page is a little bit more difficult (slower and restrictive) when using the template than doing it on your computer at home and then posting it to a web site. However, it can give a beginner a good feel about how really easy it can be to develop a web site. You can obtain your free site here too!

    I like to use that  page to add extra features that are quite sophisticated for a beginner like myself. If I decide I like what happens with these features , I can eventually move on by creating  these features on a more advanced level or hire a professional to create it for me.

Fear: Your biggest enemy

   Here's a secret: All beginners are afraid of the building a web site. Why? That little voice inside is saying you might fail and you can't allow that to happen.  That voice says, "What if I buy a computer and software and then discover I can't do it? It would be humiliating because everyone would know   about it and worst of all, I would realize just how really stupid I am!"

    I'd be the first one to admit that that little voice spoke to me for quite a while before I took the plunge in 1997. I decided to save face with my associates and purchased a very small computer system and told everyone, it was a experiment and it wasn't that big a deal. I made it easy to back out for myself, however was soon rewarded with a new system of selling my comic books.

   It's now 1999 and I still  consider myself to be a beginner, however tons of comics have been sold with the web site.

   If you have been hesitant about developing a web site, you can set it up right here and now and discover just how easy it can be! Just look over the info at the bottom of the first page, follow the directions and you'll have a live site set up before you turn your computer off. As you work on it, consider that no one is going to see it and that you'll revise it many times before you are ready for others to see it.

   Soon you'll tire of the template because it is slow and the words jumble together (a defect in the process) and decide to use a web page program on your computer.(I use Netscape: Free) Then simply upload your predesigned pages to your own site. Don't even try the option of not using the template at webpost. It's way too difficult! (Click Here to go to the first page)

  Eventually, you'll probably set up a paid site with your local server company and have lots of control over how it looks. I simply use Windows 95 and Netscape to create nearly everything! (Netscape is free) Ulead is a $39.95 art and animation program that created all the graphics you see in this site! I highly reccommend it! No Java, or big technical programs for me. I've decided to simply do my best with a few easy to understand tools. For me, it's better to be a master of a few simple things.

   Go ahead and post your free ad and read over all the offerings. Always feel free to write to Reynold Jay and you'll receive a personal answer, not a computer generated response note. You won't get it in 10 seconds. Expect a 24 hour response by E-mail. If you have a lot of questions, I'll have you call me in the evening (at your expense) and hopefully I can give you information that will help you with any business endeaver. Plan to have your questions ready and to keep the call under 10 minutes. Free.

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   Remember, the  banner ads wander off into the web and it will be difficult to find your way back! If you really want to learn more here, don't click the banner ads.Use them when you have finished all your reading etc. and are ready to explore more ideas or begin your webpage with Webpost. The back button may not get you back here so bookmark this page now. Look over your menu buttons for "Bookmark," click it and a menu will appear. Usually the top one says, "Add Bookmark" Click that and this page is "Bookmarked" for you. To find your way back, click Bookmark again and run the curser up and down the menu until you find this page listing. Click on it and you'll be right here!  Then click button below and you'll be able to do all the things you need to do.

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