Rare Automated ARNEX Watch               
                       Beautiful country motif with music and motion features.
                       Elegant, highly desirable pocket watch with unique

                       This model features detailed yellow cover with ribbed edges and
                       polished, yellow catch. Stunning country motif with background in
                       color and two toned (silver and yellow) details. Small white dial
                       outlined in yellow at top center with black hour indicators, hands and
                       sweep. This model also provides motion and musical features with
                       key for winding. Swiss analogue movements with 17 jewels, 5-10
                       microns gold tone plate.

Musical Automated Watch
circa. 1976
Gold Plated collector's Watch and Key. Face of watch depicts a victorian girl
pumping water and a horse drinking from the well. Press the button on the back
and hear "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" while the water is pumped into the
well and the horses head moves to drink the water. Mint condition. Retail price of watch
in 1976 was $1995.00. Pictured stand and dome included. Vase, not included. Arnex produced a handful of these watches over the years, usually a dozen or two each year. I did see these for sale on a television sales show five years ago and they announced that a limited edition of 24 were available which represented the entire output for that year. Price was $2400 and they sold out in five minutes.   I purchased the watch new in 1976.

     Automated watches have quite a history. Few exist in the world as nearly all are one-of-a-kind. Many were made to be presented as a gift at a royal wedding or important event. These watches trade routinely  in the six figures. It's possible that this watch is the only automated watch that is manufactured on a limited basis. It's likely that the watches are produced by ARNEX  purely to demonstrate their expertise for producing a fine watch.

You could order a watch from your local jeweler for a mere $2755.00, however the reply from ARNEX currently is "Sorry, sold out."

Owning an automated watch is truly an heirloom that will be treasured as it is passed from generation to generation. Perhaps this golden treasure will be presented to a lucky bride on her wedding day.