RJTC has arrived and questions and answers about this exciting in house slabbed comics will appear here. See left panel RJTC for basic description.

Hi RJ;
I've been keeping up on your auctions as I had bought a bunch of books from you on time payments a few months ago as I kinda blew my bankroll for a while, but an very happy... I've got a question, I've been looking at these rjtc books & my question is if I bought some of these rjtc's and I ever wanted to sell them on eBay in the future, if I needed the money for some reason; why would someone want to buy these slabbed but non-CGC-slabbed, for a pretty high price - compared to ones un-slabbed at the same grade for a much lower price.. This statement based on the assumption that anyone can slab a mag, but if no myth is behind you what is the difference between you slabbing & 'comic Joe' slabbing a mag to an eBay buyer?... If I buy some rjtc's from you, buyers may say RJ who why does he even slab books why just not sell them unslabbed & less expensive? Your un-circulated or vacuumed sealed books (I bought a few), from what you imply & what I got, could easily be CGC 9.6 or 9.8's & they are Much less expensive than the rjtc's. You must realize that the CGC myth sells the book even if you or I would grade a book even stricter... I have been wanting to ask you this for a while, and please do not get offended as these interest me but I am afraid these would compete with CGC'd books & due to the growing myth of the CGC etc, the rjtc's would loose most of the time due to buyer perceptions & the prices being close enough to CGC book selling prices, that buyers would most of the time get the CGC mag (given the book grades are equal).....what do you think?
Thanks again RJ

Jon Cook

 You may note that prices are $15 less than CGC market prices. This may not be a big factor for a $200 when one pays $185, however, when a $30 book sells for $15 the savings is quite dramatic. Much of the interest is in the $50 and under range. Basically the frame is free in our calculations. When a customer understands that the comic is the same item regardless of the frame and wants to collect 100 slabbed books, the $1500 difference is noticeable. I really don't figure the RJTC is worth less than CGC, however the savings of "in-house" grading is passed along to the customer. In time, I would expect anything sold in a slabbed frame from reputable graders to to trade at the same prices. RJTC is a slabbed and graded comic.

I remember the feeling I had the first time I had a CGC book in my hands and I liked it. The RJTC gives the same feeling. The book is sealed and protected. I imagine  that there are many collectors who would prefer the smaller frame.

Foreign shipping March 2006

Foreign shipping: RJ's experience with insurance claims is nil. A few claims have been filed for damage and not a single one has been honored during the last two years. Insurance is basically a fraud as the postal service has no intention of responding to claims. Basic MO is they respond by accepting the claim followed up on occasion with a form or two of their own ( questions about the claim) and then the check just seems to never arrive. 

What is a customer to do?

RJ is not going to give customers up front money in anticipation of the claims being paid like he does with USA customers.  RJ will file the claims, however collecting it is in the hands of the customer. RJ will work with customer by sending insurance invoices etc. with the hope that money can be collected by the customer.

This makes foreign orders a very big gamble. Every customer should evaluate the service within their own country and then decide if they want the merchandise enough to place an order knowing that loss and damage claims may not be honored. One way to spread the risk is to place smaller orders rather than loading up on one big delivery. This splits the risk. Also a decision can be made about purchasing any insurance at all. If it is a scam, why play the game? Pay the lower uninsured rates and be willing to accept an occasional loss and not play the game of trying to collect on the bogus insurance.    

RJTC News: We are moving some of our RJTC multiple listings out of eBay and into our own pages. View Here . Over 5,000 sold the the first year. Thanks to all customers who made purchases. This is our biggest selling format. Why? These are the lowest high grade ( $9.95 for many) priced certified comics in the market place.  


RJ has been making Mint grade comics available in PGX format in 2006. Many one-of-a-kind Bronze Age comics are now available for the first time. 

Did you send all these books for grading? 173 9.9s......... do you own PGX?

Yes they were sent to CGC for grading and no for owning the company. . RJ sends these to PGX like any of their customers would do. RJ has no special relationship with PGX.

The BIC collection is truly unique and held the records for the most MINT bronze-age comics according to the CGC data base. The record holds to this day and now we would imagine at PGX too. No data base is kept at PGX, however a monitoring of the marketplace indicates the record is also held with PGX.

RJ feels the best comics should enjoy the very finest protection. When these ultra-grade comics are housed within the PGX frames, the customer knows he has the very finest collectible that could ever be hoped for. PGX has established itself within the marketplace as a reliable grader. RJ is thinking beyond the present in an environment where many collectors love one company and resist another. These , of course , are the same individuals who resisted third party grading six years ago and now are quite vocal about their loyalty to the first third party grading company and the resistance to other grading companies. RJ feels that the market place is fortunate to have at least two major competitors and makes submissions to both regularly. If a third company appeared, BIC would submit comics for grading.